Mavala Eye-Lite Drops



MavalaEye-Lite Drops soothe, refresh and relax your eyes. This product intensifies the whites of your eyes with a blue-white sparkle. Whether your eyes are red or tired, you will see Eye-Lite drops work quickly to make the whites of your eyes come alive!

Nicknamed the "blue eye drop", this product is very popular with actors and actresses. Eye-Lite drops are a neutral and sterile product. Can be used with contact lenses.

How to Use: Twist off upper part of the white cap. Instill 1 to 2 drops in the affected eye(s) up to four times daily.

Quantity: One .16 fl. oz. bottle. Made in Switzerland by Mavala.

Availability: This item is being redesigned and Mavala currently does not have an expected date when this item will again be available.


Developed within its own laboratories in Switzerland, Mavala has become a global leader in the beauty industry. From head to toe— Its wide range of products combine “treatment” with “beauty” to deliver quality nail, hand, eye, lip, face and foot care products. Mavala’s team of scientists work hard to create unique formulas that exceed quality and purity standards.

Mavala Eye-Lite Drops Reviews

By charlene from Perth WA from on 10/12/2014
PLEASE bring back this ultimate product - I'm so unhappy its still not for sale !
It worked. My eyes were perfectly white - IT WAS THE ULTIMATE FINISHING PRODUCT - NOTHING COMPARES (cry cry cry) Pros: - whiteness Cons: - its not avail anymore
I want to use this product again.
By Marielsol from Tampa, FL from on 7/10/2013
Why? Oh, why did you discontinue this marvelous product? Please, please, please bring it back. No other eye drop worked as good as this one. Why is it so hard to bring it back? And why did the Australians do this to us? Not fair. If they did this because of a rival product they're trying to force on us, I hope no one buys it. I wouldn't. Bring it back, I miss my eye drops. I don't have anymore left. Wish I'd have at least half a bottle. Pros: - Works! Makes the whites of your eyes sparkle. Helps tired eyes.
all reviews very true!!
By kmccalla@sympatico.ca from ontario, canada from on 9/25/2012
used mavala eye-lite drops for at least twenty years..please bring it back soon!!no better product in the world. Pros: - soothing to the eyes & - brightness as well Cons: - nothing
Mavala eyelite drops
By Mimi from Australia from on 8/28/2012
Amazing,unbelievable whitest whites of the eyes beautiful awesome I could just go on and on, banned in Australia for NO reason I had been using for years, no problem. In fact I am holding on to half a bottle still from many years ago so i can use for special occasions. Still fine after this time! So it is unfair and hogwash TGA Aust. get yr act together. Pros: - EVERYTHING, IT WORKS Cons: - Nothing!
still not here?
By Heidi from NYC from on 2/25/2012
When when when is it coming back... loved these blue drops so much... I work overnight hospital shifts twice a week and these drops are a total a life- well, beauty-saver on those post call mornings!!! pleeeease bring them back soon Pros: - unlike other brands of blue tinted drops, these weren't as intense of a color, so I never had to worry about staining (either my eyes lids, contacts, or bathroom).
Also, the more subtle blue got the job done (whitened tired red eyes) without making your sclera really look blue like some of the other brands do. Cons: - nothing
Please bring it back
By ro from tampa, fl from on 11/2/2011
I have tried other blue eye drops. NONE ARE LIKE EYE LITE. Please bring it back!!! Does anyone know if they actually are trying to bring it back?
Bring it back PLEASE
By sandi from Qld Australia from on 10/10/2011
I have been trying to buy this item for awhile now... I also have used these eye drops for years and had no reactions except for clear eyes, I have never found another like it, and damm you fellow ozzies for ruling that bunch of rubbish. Please bring it back it would out sell any other eye drops on the market here in Oz...
Yes please! Yes please bring them back!
By Mandy from Australia from on 9/22/2011
I used this product from 16 years of age. I am now 47. I still do not wear glasses and I never had any issue at all with this product. I have sensitive eyes which are blue in colour but nothing soothed them or made them look bluer than this product. Please bring them back Mavala!!
another waiting customer
By louise from eugene, oregon from on 7/3/2011
I just want to add to what all the others have said...WHEN will this product be back!? Its been years and still waiting for that email to say its back. Step it up people before I get more gray hairs! Never had any problems with these eye drops.
By Joan from Virginia Beach, VA from on 3/25/2011
I have not been able to get these drops for years and I am upset that the company took them off the market. These drops are fabulous!!!! The blue liquid makes your eyes brighter and the solution is smoothing to the eyes. I have not bee able to find another product like this and have searched the internet for anyone who might selle Eye-Lte Drops.
Please fix whatever is the problem and bring this back!!!!
Review for Mavala Eye-Lite Drops
By Heather from on 7/13/2010
I'm here to rescue you all. Try Innoxa french blue eye drops (also on Amazon). Great reviews. I just ordered mine today so can't review it yet, but I am looking forward to trying it. Love Mavala still.
Review for Mavala Eye-Lite Drops
By Ann Glenice from on 7/3/2010
Yes it was the Australians, here's what I found concerning the complaint.

Australia's medicines watchdog, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), has ordered a consumer level recall of Mavala Eyelite eye drops on September 1st, 2004 following spot checks by the TGA of the safety of eye drops in the market place picked up safety concerns with the product, which is manufactured in Switzerland.

The TGA's initial tests indicated that the product was not likely to meet the required preservative efficacy test and the Australian sponsor, Apisant Pty. Ltd, was instructed not to supply any further product pending the completion of testing.

The TGA laboratories in Canberra later confirmed that the product does not meet the required preservative efficacy standards and there is, therefore, the potential for bacteria to develop in the eye drops.

This means that if the product is contaminated during use - for example, from touching the dropper or putting down the cap - microorganisms may grow in the drops which could lead to infection in the eye when the drops are next used. Some eye infections can be serious in people using contact lenses.

I do not recommend this product because it's potentially unsafe.

You would think that Mavala would be able to overcome the preservative issue and bring it back, unless of course preservative negates the effect. However My last bottle lasted well over 2 years and I had no problems even at that age - sounds like a beat-up to me and Mavala probably lost one of its best selling items.

Review for Mavala Eye-Lite Drops
By Ann Glenice from on 7/3/2010
It was Australian complaints that took this wonderful product off the market, apparently they came up with the ingredient as dangerous and Mavala were forced to remove the product. Something tells me the complaiining official must have been connected to a rival product. I've never found anything as good and it looks as though it will probably never come back now. So much for freedom of choilce

Review for Mavala Eye-Lite Drops
By Sharon Blake from on 6/22/2010
I contacted the company as well several times and just keep hearing about new release dates that were never kept. I loved the product and wish it would come back or at least tell us it is not going to happen. Does anyone know if the product is being sold in other countries?
Review for Mavala Eye-Lite Drops
By kerry d from on 6/22/2010
This is just rediculous !!!! How much longer should we wait for you to re-formulate this product?? Which was perfect....Ever hear the expression ---if it ain't broke don't fix it????? I'm tired of waiting. I haven't ordered anything since this product was discontinued....Let's GO !!!! Send me an e-mail when the product is ready for ordering........
Review for Mavala Eye-Lite Drops
By Karon from on 4/8/2010
I'm with the rest of the reviewers as well. I never had one problem. I loved this and it WORKED. None of the other "blue" drops out there work like this and they irritate the eye - even the "natural" compilations. So why fix what's not broken and why does it take so long to reformulate? PLEASE bring it back.
Review for Mavala Eye-Lite Drops
By Dana Grant from on 2/3/2010
The most amazing, unbelievable result from these eye drops I used for years then they disappeared i cant accept the reason. I have half bottle I use for spec. occasions still and NO adverse effect it is approx 4 years old!!!!! So Please! If they dont want to bring them back then why doesnt some other coy manufacture them. They were hugely popular in Aust. I have spoken to the Coy here that import them to Aust and they cannot give me any update.
Review for Mavala Eye-Lite Drops
By Katherine from on 12/30/2009
After these wonderful eye drops went off the market years ago, I spoke to some one at Mavala and he told me they would be back on the market in March of 2006. Still waiting. What's going on? How long does it take to reformulate something? And why reformulate it at all? I used it a lot and never had a single problem with it. It was wonderful, I miss it and am still waiting.
Review for Mavala Eye-Lite Drops
By Bo from on 12/11/2009
Absolutely the best eyedrops. How long do we have to wait until you bring them back.
Review for Mavala Eye-Lite Drops
By Joan from on 12/1/2009
I can barely remember how much I loved these drops. It's been about two years since I've been able to purchase.Why would they fix what isn't broken??? I wish I could move on, but this really is the best drops out there.
Review for Mavala Eye-Lite Drops
By Roni from on 5/11/2009
The best eyedrops ever made. They are a cosmetic must have. Correct hygiene with all eye drops must be maintained. Bacteria will form in any misused product. Common sense is all that is required. Please allow them back to Australia and stop the delay tactics.
Review for Mavala Eye-Lite Drops
By Linda from on 5/3/2009
Please, bring this back soon!
Review for Mavala Eye-Lite Drops
By Stacie from on 4/26/2009
LOVE this product, but it's been over a year now that they have been saying this "being redesigned" thing.
Review for Mavala Eye-Lite Drops
By Ken from on 4/9/2009
These eye drops are the best I've ever used and should never have been taken of the market, PLEASE bring them back.
Review for Mavala Eye-Lite Drops
By Joyce from on 7/31/2008
I love this product and and I'm sad its out of stock. It really works!