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Mavala Waterproof Mascara


Mavala Waterproof Mascara is a silk protein enriched treatment mascara for lashes. It strengthens, protects, thickens, and lengthens lashes. Quick drying, it will not smear or smudge. The mascara is easy to apply with a curved professional brush and is available in numerous colors designed to match your personal style.

How to Use: Brush on to the lashes, using the convex surface of the applicator. For thicker and longer lashes, allow first application to dry and apply again. To remove this waterproof mascara, we recommend using the Mavala Eye Makeup Remover Gel for a gentle and effective removal. 


  • Paraben-free product
  • Quick drying formula
  • Nourishing formula
  • Long lasting mascara
  • Made in Switzerland by Mavala
  • Quantity: One .38 fl. oz. bottle with applicator


Developed within its own laboratories in Switzerland, Mavala has become a global leader in the beauty industry. From head to toe— Its wide range of products combine “treatment” with “beauty” to deliver quality nail, hand, eye, lip, face and foot care products. Mavala’s team of scientists work hard to create unique formulas that exceed quality and purity standards.

Mavala Waterproof Mascara Reviews

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Verified Buyer
Excellent product.
By Caroline from Naples, fl from on 10/23/2014
I have used it for years. I use the waterproof version. I use brown and it is a real brown not too dark. Very creamy and smooth, no clumps. Curved brush really seperates the lashes. Difficult to find in stores in the US, it is a swiss product and I buy it on line with no shipping or handling charges. Made by Marvala. Pros: - It is quie difficult to find a brown mascara that is really brown without black in it. Marvala brown version is a real brown without black in it. Cons: - This item does not disappoint, there is nothing I dislike about it.
Verified Buyer
Waterproof mascara
By Rosemary from , from on 4/8/2014
Second purchase of this mascara. LOVE the colors and am impressed by how nicely it goes on and separates my lashes (always a problem).

Will be ordering more. Pros: - Goes on beautifully, separates lashes, no clumping and it IS waterproof.
Verified Buyer
By CLAUDIA, CALIFORNIA GIRL from Martinez, California from on 3/6/2014
I have used this for years for a reason. I prefer waterproof because the non doesn't stay on and smears below my eyes. This does not smear or flake. Stays on all day and night. Also I add 1 coat without clumps or dry my lashes
Pros: - EVERYTHING! Cons: - Nothing!
Verified Buyer
Dislike new wand and brush
By Judy Zee from Hinsdale, IL from on 12/1/2013
I have been using this mascara for over 10 years. Mascara is great but new packaging and brush are awful. Too much mascara remains on the brush causing clumpy look. Pros: - Works Great
Priced Right for product Cons: - New wand and brush
Verified Buyer
Mixed Emotions
By P. C. Zimmerman from Fort Worth TX from on 1/2/2013
Love the mascara - hate the brush. I threw it away after several tries - all of which left me with huge globs of mascara to clean up - and replaced it with one from a different brand I had (fortunately) saved. With the different brush, the mascara went on smoothly and performed exactly as a mascara should. I tried this one specifically because it was available in a (hard to find) dark blue which I prefer to black.
Verified Buyer
For beautiful eyes
By Dorth from Scottsdale, Az from on 11/11/2012
This mascara flows on, seperates the eye lashes and makes them appear longer. Not clumpy or "globby". I really like the noir best. The blue is a light blue but Really blue. The shape of the brush kinda curls my eyelashes--almost like I used a curler. I LOVE this mascara and would certainly recommend it. Pros: - The way it goes on
Non clumpy
Lenghtens Cons: - Nada
Verified Buyer
Love This Mascara!
By Susan from Shorewood, WI from on 8/11/2012
I always wear blue shadow because I think it makes the whites of the eyes look brighter. I have worn this mascara for years now. Blue is difficult to find and the Glacier Bleu is beautiful. The mascara is moisturizing and conditioning. I get a lot of compliments when wearing it. There is a lot of product in the wand, thus it lasts me for about 3 months. This is my favorite mascara ever! Pros: - Color
Long-wearing Cons: - Absolutely nothing :)
Verified Buyer
The Original was a 5 this is a 2
By Glenda from Kennewick WA from on 8/10/2012
I am totally disatisfied with the "new & improved" formula. It's globby and thick to apply and it accumulates outside of the opening - geting on my fingers and or smears. Pros: - Nothing Cons: - Read nt revuew
Verified Buyer
Best Choice
By Rosalie from Albuquerque, NM from on 5/8/2012
I found this product a few years ago in an airline magazine. It costs a little more than the drug store type but it is worth it. It is the best mascara I have ever used and I have used them all.
Verified Buyer
Waste of money......
By Janice from Redwood, NY from on 3/31/2012
I've been searching for a waterproof brown mascara for awhile and came across Mavala. The mascara is the worst I've ever used. You can curl your eyelashes, apply the mascara, and they uncurl! The product clumped so badly that I even tried wiping the brush off on a tissue before each application, but still no improvement. Pros: - Nothing Cons: - Everything
Verified Buyer
Waterproof Mascara
By sybille from North Carolina from on 3/15/2012
i bought this item as a gift because blue mascara is hard to find.the person i bought it for is not able to use it because it is way to blue.you need to put a color chart with this item so you can actually see the color. Pros: - nothing Cons: - there is no color chart for this item like you have for the Kajial. Merchant Response:
Verified Buyer
another good product
By Dot from NJ from on 2/12/2012
I use this product when skiing or swimming, and it does the job well. Pros: - waterproof
Verified Buyer
Mavala Waterproof Mascara
By Karen from Columbus, Ohio from on 1/31/2012
I have loved most everything I have bought from Mavala, but I must say I was disappointed in this mascara. It is difficult to see it even after two applications. It is fairly waterproof so that part I do like. This is one product I woud not rebuy. Cons: - Does not give good coverage.
Verified Buyer
Really waterproof
By judgeterry from Mays Landing, NJ from on 1/26/2012
I pretty much hate mascara as it irritates my eyes and always leaves raccoon circles. This definitely stays on and looks good. Pros: - stays on Cons: - some smell/irritation
Verified Buyer
By Jill from Austin from on 1/16/2012
I wanted a waterproof mascara that would not damage my lashes and this is the one! The mascara is easily removed with a light remover and it's lightweight enough for every day use. I did find that under normal every day circumstances (i.e. work, play) it's great - however, if going swimming try the volume and length mascara.
Verified Buyer
Mascara at its best
By Dakota from Laurel, Md from on 12/28/2011
I had been looking for a blue mascara for a few years, ever since I found a mascara by maybeline called electric blue. It had been discontinued & I found it at a dollar store, yes for $1.00. I bought one & loved it so much I went back & bought more, then I ran out & went back to get more & they were gone, no more to be found. I checked every store I went into, nothing. Then I found the site "What She Buys" & Mavala. I only got one the 1st time, then after I found out how great it was I bought 2 at a time, it was $12. the 1st time & now the price is getting a little ridicules, but it's worth it if you know how to get all you can from a tube. Best Mascara I've found yet. Pros: - Everything it's the best Cons: - Nothing but the price is getting a little crazy
Verified Buyer
Love This Mascara
By Tam from Idaho from on 11/13/2011
I absolutely love this mascara. It truly is cry proof for someone who has a tender heart. I would recommend this mascara to everyone.
Verified Buyer
Love it, have used for years. Conditions my lashes.
By Sherra from Huntington Beach, CA from on 10/11/2011
My lashes are long and fine, this product really helps to keep them health and does not clump.
Every time I try another brand, I wind up coming back to Mavala waterproof mascara. And it's
so easy to order from WSB's.
Verified Buyer
Lashes look natural and I have never had any sign of a smuge. Is definitely waterproof.
By Pat from Cary, NC from on 8/25/2011
I have used this product for many years. It applies easily and I have never had "Racoon Eyes." Pros: - It does what is claims to do. Cons: - Nothing.
Verified Buyer
By GWYNNE from North Carolina from on 8/12/2011
I HAVE BEEN USING MAVALA WATERPROOF MASCARA FOR ALMOST A DECADE NOW. NO OTHER MASCARA HAS TOUCHED MY EYES! If I were marooned on an island and could have ONE makeup item, it would DEFINITELY be this mascara. I use a number of additional Mavala products - they are the best! Pros: - QUALITY -- QUALITY -- QULAITY Cons: - NOTHING
Verified Buyer
navy mascara
By judy from ct from on 7/3/2011
very hard to find waterproof navy mascara - this works! Pros: - right color and waterproof Cons: - seems a bit dry - anxious to see how long it lasts
Verified Buyer
Very good
By BKL from San Jose, CA USA from on 6/28/2011
It's really difficult to find blue, waterproof mascara. This one is great. It stays on a very long time, even sometimes after I've washed my face. They have two blues, a dark blue & a bright blue. The dark is great for day-to-day use & the bright is really fun for a party.
Verified Buyer
The best mascara I've ever used.
By Edie from ambler,pa from on 6/25/2011
I am using this mascara for the past twenty years. The waterproof mascara makes my lashes full and long. It does not flake or smudge. It comes off easily with any waterprooof mascara remover or baby oil on a q-tip. I especially like the curved applicator. The price is affordable and, if you use a single application everyday, a tube should last about two months. Thank you "What She Buys" for keeping this product available! Edie Pros: - formula
easy to remove
Verified Buyer
Great mascara
By irene from Chicago, IL from on 5/15/2011
I had actually been looking for a different shade of green, but am pleased with what I received. The mascara has worked fairly well.
Verified Buyer
greatest mascara on the planet
By Deb from Jupiter, Fl from on 5/4/2011
I've used this mascara for years and will never stop. It restored my lashes which had become dry and brittle using other mascaras. I wear mascara everyday and with the Mavala Waterproof I only need one coat, sometimes two for evening wear, it comes off easily with any makeup remover and always leaves my lashes soft, they never fall out or look dry. Can't say enough good things about this product. Pros: - Everything Cons: - Nothing