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Annieglass Large Birch Leaf - Leaves


The Annieglass Large Birch Leaf - Leaves helps bring your table to life. The beauty of our Leaves comes in the subtle detailing. Distinctive with their veins, texture and detailing, Annieglass' Birch and Maple Leaves are coveted by all. Used for casual entertaining with Salt, elegant entertaining with Roman Antique, or stand alone with candles, these leaves are multipurpose and make great gifts. Handmade on California's Central Coast, this glass egg platter is proudly engraved with the studio signature and features a wide gold or platinum rim.

Care: Annieglass is dishwasher safe when used with a mild detergent. Dry with a soft cloth to guard against hard water and mineral deposits. Avoid any sort of polishing compound for silver, gold or brass. Avoid abrasive cleaners or materials. Not recommended for use in the oven or microwave.


  • Adds a decorative look to any table
  • Complements an array of dinnerware settings
  • Available in multiple sizes in green or clear glass
  • Size: 17" x 14"


Featured in the Smithsonian Museum, Annieglass has been a premier name in the glassware industry since 1983. Inspired by nature and handcrafted by hand, Annieglass offers the ultimate in home goods and decor. Every piece features tempered window glass to offer only the ultimate in quality and durability.

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Versatile &amp - Beautiful
By Laura from Northern Nevada from on 11/20/2014
When I received this (clear) platter I requested a return authorization because I thought they sent the wrong one because I didn't know all Annieglass has a green hue. It appears clear when looking directly down on it but it has a green tint from an angle. Nonetheless it is beautiful and practical for serving appetizers or whatever. Pros: - Shape
Size Cons: - Green Hue