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Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Receiving Blanket


Nestled in the extraordinarily soft and sumptuous Barefoot Dreams Receiving Blanket, your baby is guaranteed an exceptionally warm and fuzzy entrance into the world. Adorned with precious patches embroidered with adorable images. The greatest aspect of Barefoot Dreams is that it gets softer and cozier with each washing!


  • Made of luxurious polymicrofiber knit
  • They're machine washable and dryable
  • Won't shrink or pill


Celebrity favorite, Barefoot Dreams, has a loyal fan base for a reason: its line of soft-to-the-touch fabrics are unmatched. Starting with baby products, founder Annette Cook expanded the line and began designing cozy loungewear and luxe throws for all ages.

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Receiving Blanket Reviews

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Verified Buyer
Best Baby Gift ever
By Sarah from Houston, Texas from on 6/18/2014
We've been giving the same Baby Blanket as newborn gifts for years. Always rave reviews from parents & - babies alike. Without fail, this becomes " - the" - baby blanket for each child we gift it to. Thanks so whatshebuys.com for the awesome customer service & - great website Pros: - Super Soft, Launders beautifully- wears exceptionally well. Goes with everything
Verified Buyer
The best receiving blanket!
By Estrella from Los Angeles from on 3/7/2013
We received one as a gift for my daughter when she was born. She calls it Mimi and still carries it around to this day and she's almost 5. We received one for our newborn son last month. The tradition continues. Greatest blanket ever!! So soft and warm, and the perfect size Pros: - softness, durable, beautiful
Verified Buyer
Light as air and soft as a cloud
By Elizabeth from Texas from on 1/22/2013
My 4 year old granddaughter has this blanket in pink and still carries it around, so I had to buy the blue version for my new grandson. Still so soft and light as air. Pros: - Softness, great size, washability
Verified Buyer
Love Them!
By David from Menlo Park CA from on 7/30/2012
Love these blankets! Probably bought 5-6 of these as new baby gifts over the years...
Verified Buyer
Would be SO much nicer without the satin patch!
By Catherine from Kansas City, KS from on 12/22/2011
Overall the Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic blankets are so wonderful - warm, lightweight and unbelievably soft - and the receiving blanket should be the most perfect baby blanket ever - IF it were not for the square satin patch attached to the center of the blanket. The satin patch is not soft - and what makes it worse is the noisy, crinkly plastic layer under the satin. It might be fine for decoration only, but I wouldn't use it on a baby - which should be the whole point of buying a luxury baby blanket.

I've purchased two of these receiving blankets and love them - but only after I spent almost two hours each time to painstakingly remove that satin patch before using the blanket for a baby. If Barefoot Dreams would make the same blanket without the patch it would be a huge improvement - and surely it would be less expensive also.

On the other sizes of Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic blankets - I would give them 5+ stars - but the baby blanket would only deserve a 5 star rating rating after the satin patch is removed - and that takes a whole lot of work to accomplish. That is the reason I would not recommend it to a friend. Pros: - Heavenly soft, warm, lightweight, absolutely gorgeous luxury blanket - except for that dreadful patch! Cons: - Hate that crinkly, noisy decorative satin patch attached to the baby receiving blanket! The blanket is dreamy soft - but that patch is not!
Verified Buyer
By Elizabeth from portland, Or from on 12/5/2011
Great baby shower gift. Pros: - cozy and very sweet. Cons: - nothing
Verified Buyer
Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic
By Carole from San Jose, CA from on 10/25/2011
I always give this blanket as a baby gift. All 8 of my grands have it. It oldest is 14 and they all still use it. So soft & snuggly.
Verified Buyer
Baby blanket
By Susan from Topeka, KS from on 6/22/2011
Babies and parents alike love this blanket. I hear it becomes the childs comfort. Pros: - Soft. Washes well. Cons: - The pink one has ballet motif- wish it was maybe a kitten or flower -
It is a bit pricey.
Verified Buyer
Heavenly Comfort
By Elaine from Villa Park, CA 92861 from on 6/20/2011
In my family, each adult has a Barefoot Dreams throw. It is a soft. luxurious bankee for adults.
Therefore, we think a baby would adore a receiving blanket made of the same material.
Verified Buyer
Great item. I love this as does our little baby boy. :)
By Paul from Los Angeles, CA from on 5/12/2011
Wonderfully soft and luxurious for your baby. What a great piece. Pros: - Plush, luxurious. A wonderful gift for a beautiful baby. Eco friendly. Cons: - Nothing
Verified Buyer
The perfect baby gift!
By Cheryl from Austin, Texas from on 5/5/2011
I have bought this item....actually the crib size blanket that I didn't find on your website....for years as baby gifts for friends and family. I love the "original" cozy chic fabric that others have tried to copyl Our older grandchildren still use the cribsiize blanket as a "cuddle" blanket while watching movies or reading during their rest times. A marvelous baby/child gift...please keep carrying it....BUT, where is the cribsize???? Cons: - Woud like it in cribsize.
Verified Buyer
Review for Barefoot Dreams CozyChic (Bamboo) Receiving Blanket
By Judy from on 1/23/2011
Love this blanket! My grandsons love theirs 7 years later and all the moms and babies I give it to as a gift fall in love with it.
Verified Buyer
Review for Barefoot Dreams CozyChic (Bamboo) Receiving Blanket
By Courtney Matlock from on 12/31/2010
What a sweet
Verified Buyer
Review for Barefoot Dreams CozyChic (Bamboo) Receiving Blanket
By Leigh from on 7/27/2010
This blanket is soft, washable, durable and most importantly, universally lovable. I give this blanket at every baby shower and for every new baby arrival - I just pick a color and it arrives wrapped beautifully and ready to be the favorite snuggle friend. The blue one was my son's favorite bedtime and nap time friend for years. It held up so well, I saved it just in case he wants to pass it along to one of his kids!
Verified Buyer
Review for Barefoot Dreams CozyChic (Bamboo) Receiving Blanket
By irishwahine from on 2/15/2010
I love the old style better. What's the old saying? "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". But, I do still like it.
Verified Buyer
Review for Barefoot Dreams CozyChic (Bamboo) Receiving Blanket
By Caitlin's Dad from on 2/17/2009
Great product, soft and just the right size.
Verified Buyer
Review for Barefoot Dreams CozyChic (Bamboo) Receiving Blanket
By mary ellen Blum from on 12/6/2008
great blanket. all three sisters have one now
Verified Buyer
Review for Barefoot Dreams CozyChic (Bamboo) Receiving Blanket
By suzie sardo from on 11/8/2008
loved it, the blanket came beautifully packaged. shipped to me quickly
Verified Buyer
Review for Barefoot Dreams CozyChic (Bamboo) Receiving Blanket
By Heather from on 8/12/2008
Love this blanke, but I like the old style better. I bought about 5 for my son about 4 years ago and they are awesome, hope the new style is the same.
Verified Buyer
Review for Barefoot Dreams CozyChic (Bamboo) Receiving Blanket
By Yvonne from on 6/20/2008
We were given this blanket as a gift, and it quickly became the blankie of choice. I have since purchased a back up blankie and given this as a gift. Super soft at first, but be careful not to dry on anything but cool/ no heat!