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Barefoot Dreams CozyChic (Bamboo) Buddies & Blankies


Meet the adorable Barefoot Buddies & Blankies. These irresistibly soft and playful pals are sure to become constant and faithful companions. Attached to comfy Barefoot Dreams mini blankie trimmed in satin, Barefoot Buddies and Blankies are machine washable and dryable.

The Barefoot Buddies are a great addition to complete your Barefoot Dreams collection. They are custom designed to coordinate with all of our colors and create a wonderful finishing touch.


  • Size: 15" x 15"
  • Fabric: CozyChic & poly-microfiber knit.
  • Age Appropriateness: Toy manufacturing regulations state that 3+ years is the adequate age for stuffed animals. People buy them for younger children, but 3+ is the recommended age.

  • The blankie is loosely attached to the buddy. The blankie will likely detach from the buddy with use and washing. (The blue version is attached to the bottom of the puppy, all others have the blanket attached at the paws).


Celebrity favorite, Barefoot Dreams, has a loyal fan base for a reason: its line of soft-to-the-touch fabrics are unmatched. Starting with baby products, founder Annette Cook expanded the line and began designing cozy loungewear and luxe throws for all ages.

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic (Bamboo) Buddies & Blankies Reviews

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Verified Buyer
both my daughter and son adored them
By kris from davenport iowa from on 1/1/2014
I am currently sewing my 7 year old son's puppy. Yes, the puppy has separated from the blanket, and I stopped sewing the puppy to the blanket, but I am still sewing up his feet as my son who has had these blankets for almost 8 years is addicted to them. He loves the satin feet and rubs them for comfort at night. He still calls them his babies, and even stole his older sister's bunny and carries that around with him. These blankies have been the best investment for my children and have provided them the most comfort and joy of any item he received as a baby until now.
Verified Buyer
Puppy Dog and Baby Blanket by IWF
By Adrian from New York from on 4/21/2013
I am typing this for my son, who is 8:
"I like Puppy and Baby Blanket, because I have had them since I was 6 months old. And they have always been there for me. I am getting another set because I had two sets, but I lost one when I was in Canada when I was 6. I also love Puppy and Baby because they are very fluffy. Puppy and Baby will make a good friend for many many children. I will never abandon them".
Verified Buyer
Best gift ever
By Jennifer from Chicago, IL from on 10/30/2012
We received this blanket as a gift when our first son was born and we've been hooked ever since. All three of our kids have loved their blankets and it is our go to gift for anyone we know having a baby. I have bought at least 15 of these and everyone I have given them to loves them. Pros: - Amazingly soft
Kids love the satin edge and cuddly animal
Verified Buyer
The product represents what it is all about..dreams, calm and relaxing.
By Louise Horwat from Haymarket, VA from on 8/25/2012
We have purchased several of these for our grandchildren and friends upon their child's birth. This time the product which was the bunny separated 1 day after being opened. The thread attachment was less than quality work. I had to reattach the bunny myself, since my daughter had already destroyed the box and packing slip. She had received one before for her son and assumed this one would be of the same quality workmenship. I was very disappointed to say the least, no one wants the gift they give to be below the standard of quality. Pros: - The item is soft and feels wonderful to the touch. Cons: - The construction of the animal to the blanket.
Verified Buyer
Best Baby Gifts Ever!
By Jamie M from Highlands Ranch, CO from on 6/23/2012
When I had my first child, I received one of these wonderful blankets for my daughter and she is 8 now and STILL has them (I had to get a 2nd one in case they were discontinued and she lost one). My son has 2 as well and he is 6. I buy these items now for others as it truly is a special gift! It has been washed so many times now and STILL look great! Pros: - Perfect long lasting gift for a baby Cons: - Price is a little higher than I would like
Verified Buyer
Cute Security Blankie
By Chrissy from OC from on 5/28/2012
Best blanket in town! i buy one for every new mom I know and they all love them. My daughter had one without the buddy on it and she still has it and she is 8... Great value, great baby gift! You can't go wrong with this blanket! Pros: - soft, huggable and cute. Cons: - Nothing!
Verified Buyer
Wonderful attachment for a baby
By Irene from Broklyn, NY from on 4/12/2012
My twin boys got attached to these as babies and did not let them go for years, traveling and sleeping with them.
Verified Buyer
baby's dream blanket
By marynoelle from Chicago, IL from on 2/26/2012
This blankie is so soft. Every baby loves to hold on to it! Pros: - softness
Verified Buyer
My little girl
By JDL from Charlotte, NC from on 1/18/2012
Pretty cool
Verified Buyer
Love how soft and cozy
By gigi from bay area from on 1/12/2012
My child loves her "snuggle bunny" this purchase was a back-up in case the first one ever gets lost or left at grandma's house. this is her soothie and snuggle buddy all in one. love it! and love the free shipping from WSB! thanks! Pros: - good price, fast and free shipping
Verified Buyer
Awesome Store
By nicole from Texas from on 11/29/2011
Great shopping expeirence.
Verified Buyer
Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Blankies
By Barb from Manhattan, KS from on 10/31/2011
Our grandkids love their blankies. The animals need to be sewn on a little better as we have mended them several times but quality of blanket and animal is excellent. They are so soft and cuddly. Pros: - quality is good. softness Cons: - animals come apart from blankies..
Verified Buyer
great gift
By &quot - Has&quot - from new orleans from on 10/18/2011
as always barefoot dreams excels in providing a wonderful product at an affordable price. I love What She Buys because of the fast, dependable service and shipping free. Love this site.
Verified Buyer
So Soft Big Sis
By Corinna from San Diego, CA from on 9/20/2011
My son was given the puppy blanket when he was born as a gift from a friend, which became his lovey. He loves the mixture of satin and super soft bamboo. His daughter also loved it soo much we had to get her one of her own (the bunny) even though she already had a lovey she's slept with for 4 years. Now she sleeps with both. Pros: - the blanket is soo soft and the satin trim around the blanket is perfect. My daughter loves the satin on the insides of the animals' ears
Verified Buyer
Love it!
By LS from CT from on 8/10/2011
Was purchased as a back-up to my daughter's most loved treasure. Service and delivery time was excellent!
Verified Buyer
Can't get enough!!
By Jennifer from Arcadia, CA from on 8/8/2011
This is my 5th purchase of the bunny one for my daughter since she started using it a couple years ago. I normally put it in the washer with my kids clothes and I guess that's why its becoming rougher with each wash. I am going to start washing it in gentle cycle and see if it makes a difference. But I need like 2 back ups at least because she is always asking for it. Pros: - Very soft (at least at first) and my daughter loves hers Cons: - Have to buy multiple in case one of them gets dirty and you don't have time to wash right away
Verified Buyer
This was a present that was taken overseas to Prague, Czech Republic
By Matthew Raskiewicz from Richardson, TX from on 6/25/2011
The parents were all smiles when they seen and touched buddies and new there new born will have many lovely days and nights with her new friend. Pros: - everything
Verified Buyer
Puppy Blanket
By Kate from New York, NY from on 6/24/2011
This is the softest blanket and my son loves it so much that I had to buy another one as a back up. It's the perfect size and the puppy is adorable.
Verified Buyer
My grandson loved his blankie from the moment he got it.
By Linda from Agoura Hills, CA from on 4/6/2011
The blanket is extremely soft. My grandson (3 months) loved it right away. It calms him down when he is upset. I just ordered a second (backup) blanket. Pros: - It's extremely soft and easy for a baby to hold Cons: - Nothing
Verified Buyer
Review for Barefoot Dreams CozyChic (Bamboo) Buddies & Blankies
By Margaret from on 2/22/2011
This is our 3rd bunny and we love it! My children still have their dream buddies and I now give them as baby gifts.
Verified Buyer
Review for Barefoot Dreams CozyChic (Bamboo) Buddies & Blankies
By Anonymous from on 1/21/2011
My oldest son (4 yrs old) received the puppy as a baby gift from friends. He's now on his third one, having loved the previous two to death. My youngest son (7 mos) won't go to sleep without his bear. We love these!
Verified Buyer
Review for Barefoot Dreams CozyChic (Bamboo) Buddies & Blankies
By Tracey from on 1/13/2011
My kids both have these blankets and we give them as baby gifts all the time. Inevitably, these are the favorite blankets of all the kids we know.
Verified Buyer
Review for Barefoot Dreams CozyChic (Bamboo) Buddies & Blankies
By Diana from on 12/16/2010
My daughter received the bunny blankie as a gift when she was born and has slept with it just about every night since and she is almost 2 now! She's very attached to her bunny! I recently bought the same friend the teddy bear blankie for her baby boy due this February, she was very pleased! We both LOVE how soft these blankies are!
Verified Buyer
Review for Barefoot Dreams CozyChic (Bamboo) Buddies & Blankies
By eg from on 10/27/2010
My daughter is OBSESSED with her blankie. We have two because she will not go to bed without her "Bill". They wash very nicely and the animal attached is super cozy. We would be lost without this blanket. I wish there were more colors to choose from and more animals. We will end up having one of each!!
Verified Buyer
Review for Barefoot Dreams CozyChic (Bamboo) Buddies & Blankies
By Anonymous from on 10/19/2010
I love Cozy Chic blankets, but I ordered this and was disappointed with how loosely they are attached... unfortunately I only looked at the reviews and didn't see the note.