Barefoot Dreams

Founded in 1994 by cherished mother Annette Cook, Barefoot Dreams is a premium modern brand that is beloved by men and women everywhere. Annette founded her brand with the idea to create a company that would accommodate and even encourage her commitment to and love of her family, and it now continues her legacy even after her passing. Barefoot Dreams began with a unique design perspective that focused on creating super cuddly and luxurious children’s products that would appeal to kids and adults alike.To create this gorgeous aesthetic, Annette sourced the smoothest satins, softest linens, and cuddliest knits in modern colors and fabulous patterns and prints that catch the eye. After the abounding success of her first product, the Signature Receiving Blanket, Barefoot Dreams quickly became a national sensation and a household name associated with soft and cuddly premium knits.

The collection has since expanded to include a wide variety of soft and cuddly blankets for infants and toddlers as well as hoodies, robes, and accessories. After the exceptional success of the children’s line, Barefoot Dreams expanded their repertoire into clothing for men and women as well. Each new collection follows the classic aesthetic of the original Barefoot Dreams vision, with super soft and luxurious fabrics in modern comfortable silhouettes that are so cozy you’ll never want to take them off. This company has become one of the number one partners of 5-star resorts and hotels, featured both in spas and hotel rooms alike, as well as becoming a celebrity favorite brand. Laugh, dream, cuddle, and play as you enter the world of Barefoot Dreams!