Without question one of the most noticeable factors when it comes to your overall look, proper hair care is an essential part of any beauty ritual. For best of category in hair care, WhatSheBuys has selected the European brands of PHYTO and Mason Pearson. Both brands strive to manufacturer products that improve the health of your hair and scalp.

These are serious products for serious users. These hair care products are the same products used by models and actors that make their livelihoods based on their looks.

PHYTO - A comprehensive hair care line, PHYTO products are developed using concentrated plant extracts that work to restore hair to its natural beauty. With products developed for over 15 different hair types, PHYTO has the solution for anything!

Mason Pearson - For over 100 years, Mason Pearson has been repeatedly recognized as the best hair brush in the world. Handmade by specialists, Mason Pearson 'hair treatment brushes' work to maximize the health and appearance of your hair and scalp.