Born Free 9oz Decorated 6 Pk

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The fantastic Born Free Deco Bottle is a feeding bottle that's ideal for any little one. The bottle features patented ActiveFlow Venting Technology which reduces the intake of air and vacuum buildup to prevent painful gas. This smart bottle allows you to simply switch from bottle-feeding to breastfeeding so your baby can control the flow of the milk. The bottles are durable enough to be taken anywhere on the go; simply slip it into your diaper bag and you're ready.


  • Natural milk flow
  • Allows you to simply switch from bottle-feeding to breastfeeding
  • Designed to reduce colic and gas
  • Features ActiveFlow venting technology
  • Prevents nipple confusion


Founded in 1996 by a group of three concerned fathers who wanted to create products that were free of harmful BPA and PVC, Summer Infant and Born Free has quickly become a household name in natural feeding products. This premium line of feeding necessities is designed to encourage a safe feeding environment that fosters valuable bonding between the parent and child. The bottles are designed to mimic the natural flow of mother's milk, allowing for a comfortable and nurturing experience. With ActiveFlow technology that fights gas pain, fussiness, and other colic symptoms that sometimes arise with bottle-feeding, Born Free ensures that every product is beneficial to the development of your child.

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