Aden + Anais

The Aden + Anais swaddling blanket worn by Prince George is the Aden + Anais Swaddling Wraps - 4 Pack in the Jungle Jam pattern (includes the Little Birds).

Aden + Anais got its inspiration from the Australian tradition of swaddling babies in generously sized, gentle muslin sheets. A practice that seems to soothe and satisfy even the fussiest baby, founder Raegan Moya-Jones, was surprised to discover these type of swaddling blankets did not exist upon her arrival in the United States.

Raegan felt that the swaddling blankets on the market at that time were either too small, made of too warm of material or just plain unattractive. Aden + Anais production of swaddling blankets was well received and within a few months started gaining press in magazines, blogs for new mothers and could be found on the shelves of finer baby stores throughout the country.

Why Swaddle With Aden + Anais?

The act of swaddling to a baby replicates the security and warmth of still being in the womb. Aden + Anais uses 100% natural cotton muslin fabric that is breathable, soft to the touch and generously sized. By using breathable fabric, babies are able to regulate their own body temperature and avoid getting too hot or too cold. Decorated with fashionable fun designs, true to their slogan Aden + Anais products are made for baby, but designed for you!