Cristobol Balenciaga founded his self-named empire in 1919 in San Sebastian, Spain as a Spanish haute couture fashion house. After opening his first Paris fashion house in 1937 and displaying a runway show that featured Spanish Renaissance-inspired couture clothing, he became an immediate success around the world. Once called “the master of us all” by Christian Dior, Balenciaga quickly became a household name associated with innovative and luxurious fashions. He successfully built on his success year after year, building a fan base that included everyone from Jackie Kennedy to Spanish Royalty to the average consumer. After expanding his couture empire and becoming an abounding success, Balenciaga decided to branch out from simply creating apparel to adding accessories to his repertoire.

With the creation of Balenciaga Sunglasses, this beloved house of fashion created a new segment of the couture market. High class pieces of the Balenciaga empire were suddenly more affordable and more easily attainable for the middle class market, a demographic that previously could not afford to buy anything with his name on it. Each pair of sunglasses is crafted with the utmost quality and design in mind, giving the customer a unique part of the couture designer’s experience. They feature the same unique design aesthetic that has come to be associated with the Balenciaga brand, flawlessly fusing traditional shapes with modern edgy touches that make each pair more like a piece of wearable art. Each pair of sunglasses is crafted in Italy out of the finest materials and feature 100% polarized lenses to protect the eyes from potentially damaging sunrays. From aviators to cat-eye sunglasses and more, Balenciaga truly has created an enviable collection of stunning shades!