Barr Co.

Barr-Co. is a well-known brand within K. Hall Designs, an ingredient-driven company that offers the ultimate in handcrafted goods and fragrances. Founded in 1977 by Kelley Barr, the company continues to offer quality lotions, hand creams, soaps, bath salts and scrubs that are recognized for its elegant packaging and natural ingredients.

The company prides itself in using natural, eco-friendly ingredients; recyclable/reusable glass; and vegetable-based products produced by American farmers. K. Hall Designs sticks by their belief in simple, ethical and generous living by avoiding animal or petroleum bases.

The unique formulas are enriched with delicate ingredients like citrus notes, soft powder petals, blends of vanilla and coconut, and sugar and cream to offer rich, moisturizing formulas that protect the delicate nature of skin. Packaged to perfection in reusable boxes with classic American typography, K. Hall Designs is perfect for treating yourself or your loved ones to the beautiful gift of scent.