Created by San Francisco artist, Agelio Batle, these functional graphite pencils allow you to bring an artistic touch to your everyday life. All items are made of graphite, the same material as normal pencil lead, but treated with a polymer that helps prevent the staining of hands.

All Batle pencils wear very slowly and will last an average of 7 to 9 years of everyday use. These functional pencils make a great gift idea for practically everyone, plus all Batle graphite pencils (except the smalls) are proudly made in the U.S.A..

Batle Studio's Graphite Objects

In the late 1990's, Agelio Batle began to think about how a pencil is just an extension of a person's hand when you draw, believing that it is the hand that draws not the pencil. With this thought, he experimented over the next year creating a pencil in the shape of a hand to commemorate this belief. Months of experiments lead to the original Right Hand Graphite Pencil.

Years since have lead to the creation of multiple designs. Each design involves the creation of an original followed by the use of a specialized mold and compression and finished using traditional techniques that produces functional writing implements.