Christa Louise

Christa Louise scarves are masterpieces of design art. Using a technique known as "nuno felting," each scarf incorporates wool fibers into the silk fabric that makes up the body of the scarf. What results is a "puckered" effect amongst the whispy wool fibers that makes each scarf completely unique.

Any one Christa Louise scarf can be comprised of several wool colors, from pink to red, grey or black. Crafted by hand by village women in Mexico, Christa Louise scarves are all-natural. Fibers are fused to the silk fabric using hand massage, soap and water only.

As one-of-a-kind creations, Christa Louise scarves are collectibles that enhance any woman's wardrobe. Because of the variety of colors and their lightweight nature, they will go with anything and in any season. They can be draped, tied or knotted - let your imagination be your guide!