Davek Golf Umbrella

The Davek Golf Umbrella is an oversized umbrella perfect for the golf course or using daily in keeping multiple people dry from the rain. Featuring a massive size canopy of sixty two inches, the Davek Golf Umbrella is guaranteed to endure gale-force winds of over 60 mph and with an auto open button system is quick and simple to operate.

For the golfer, rotate the umbrella handle's base to expose a sleek aluminum-alloy "anchor spike". Push the spike into the turf to keep your open umbrella in place while taking your golf shot. And, once the open umbrella is anchored, individual clubs can be propped against the ribs to keep them upright and dry while you take your shot.

Not exclusively for golfers, Davek's The Golf Umbrella is the largest Davek Umbrella giving you maximum coverage in storms.

Lifetime Guarantee: Each Davek umbrella comes with an unconditional Lifetime Guarantee. If, during its lifetime, you find any defect in material or workmanship, or the umbrella should fail to function, Davek will repair or replace it. And, if you lose your umbrella, Davek will replace it for half price. After receiving your package, please register the umbrella with Davek in order to ensure quick and easy service of your Lifetime Guarantee.