Founded in Brazil, Ficcare strives for unmatchable, handmade, hand painted, and hand polished hair accessories, offering some of the most breathtaking designs and using materials like luxurious ivory. Ficcare puts a stylish spin on something as simple as brass.

Featuring 18 karat gold-plated hairbands with a hand polished finish adorn; handcrafted, French hair-clips; one-size-fits-all, lightweight, linen headbands; and much more, Ficcare will transform your up-do into the "exception" for any occasion.

As Seen On...

Hollywood started falling in love with Ficcarre Hair Accessories, and soon the products were making their TV debut on Friends, Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, and even making an apperance on The Oprah Show. The list goes on, A-Listers like Eva Longoria, Katherine Heigl and Courtney Cox are all fans of the handcrafted accessories.

From the Portugese word ‘Ficar’ which means to stay, Ficcarre has proved that after 17 years they are here to stay and will continue to deliver exquisite and unique designs.