Finn and Emma

Finn & Emma

In the land of Finn and Emma, sustainable meets stylish in a classic yet contemporary line of clothing designed for the eco-friendly and fashion-forward family! Finn and Emma baby clothes include whimsical designs and patterns that take shape in heirloom quality constructed clothing crafted from 100% G.O.T.S. certified organic cotton. The Global Organic Textiles Standard (G.O.T.S.) is the leading worldwide process for certifying organic fibers in the textile chain, and holds companies to the highest of standards in their independent certification process.

Through this certification of their fabrics and textiles, Finn & Emma organic baby clothes can live up to the high standard of quality that they hold for each of their many unique products. The bold vibrant colors and patterns of each individual piece of clothing and knit toy are reached through the use of eco-friendly dyes and inks that are non-toxic and won't harm your precious little one or the environment. Finn & Emma's beloved knit and wooden toys are handcrafted using organic yarn and untreated woods by local artisans in fair-trade settings that encourage social and economic independence. There shouldn't be a reason to choose between being stylish and being sustainable. At Finn & Emma, both go hand in hand. And we all live organically ever after!