Frasco is a German manufacturer of high quality mirrors. Frasco has been selling its mirrors under its own name world-wide except in the U.S. For the U.S. market, Frasco manufactured mirrors for a U.S. distributor that sold the mirrors under the name Irving Rice. Frasco is no longer manufacturing mirrors for Irving Rice and is now selling mirrors under its own name. The mirrors are the same and the packaging is the same. We now offer the Frasco mirrors.

Since 1920, Frasco has been the premier manufacturer of optically correct and distortion-free purse, hand, vanity and wall-mounted magnifying mirrors. Headquartered in Eckental, Germany since inception, today all Frasco mirrors continue to be manufactured in Germany in accordance with German standards and certifications.

Frasco Cosmetic Mirrors

Classic designs based on decades of experience and built for lasting quality, Frasco mirrors undergo approximately 60 manufacturing phases, insuring quality control at every step in the process. Built with expertise with an incredible attention paid to every detail, Frasco mirrors are created to be the finest in cosmetic mirrors.

Known for quality throughout the world, Frasco mirrors can be found in all places where classic taste and lasting quality are given preference.