Live. Love. Layer. Gorjana Jewelry was founded in 2004 by husband and wife team Gorjana and Griffin Reidel as gorjana & griffin, a high-quality accessories company that catered to both men and women. Each piece is artistically designed with the intention of reflecting the company at its core and its headquartered location in Laguna Beach, California. Gorjana designers work tirelessly to create unique pieces that flawlessly fuse the best of the West Coast lifestyle with the sophistication and polish that famously embodies East Coast fashion.

Each accessory is designed with an air of innovation and a love of creativity, creating a high fashion collection of jewelry and gifts that is unexpectedly chic with a modern minimalist edge. With a focus on crafting something that both the giver and the receiver will love, Gorjana has quickly become a favorite jewelry brand of men and women everywhere. Each piece is designed with a minimalist aesthetic that can be effortlessly combined with other pieces to create a unique look or styled alone as its own statement piece. With personalization options and more, Gorjana offers the opportunity to create jewelry that reflects the unique personality of the wearer.