HUM Nutrition

After becoming frustrated with failing to find products to manage his sensitive and acne prone skin, HUM Nutrition founder Walter Faulstroh decided to create his own. He failed to see results from prescriptions and topical “cures” alike and consulted with one of London’s most forward-thinking nutritionists. After discovering the impressive correlation between nutrition and skincare, Walter founded HUM Nutrition with the mission of becoming the best beauty nutrition company in the world. Walter and co-founder Chris moved to Los Angeles, California to make their dream a reality. Los Angeles has become the center of the health-centric population, giving HUM Nutrition the perfect customer base to launch the brand.

HUM Nutrition has quickly become a staple of celebrities and beauty lovers everywhere. With recent scientific research proving the importance of micronutrients in impacting the health and beauty of skin, nails, and body, HUM Nutrition delivers visible results and continues to build its solid fan base of celebrities, beauty gurus, and consumers alike. With every scientific advancement in the world of nutrition, comes new and innovative products from HUM Nutrition.