Knock Out!

Founded by Angela Newman in 2009 with a vision of bringing high tech fabrics to the world of panties, Knock Out!'s underwear combines lacy lingerie with high performance technology. Their patented NO TRACE® technology has been designed to eliminate moisture and odor all while using traditional soft and comfortable undergarment fabrics!

How Knock Out! Absorbs Moisture

Knock Out!'s secret comes from its patented NO TRACE® technology found in its 100% Supima cotton liner that is thin, soft, breathable and dye-free - all in one layer. The liner uses a special combination of 100% cotton fibers - some work for wicking and some for absorbing. The top layer of fibers pulls moisture away from the body and quickly disperses any moisture across the liner to enable faster drying and a drier feeling. The outer panty panel has a hidden, breathable waterproof treatment that allows each garment maximum breathing and faster drying times all while keeping clothes protected.

As a fact, every Knock Out! panty liner can absorb up to 0.75 teaspoon of fluid, which given that most drips, spots or sweat are less than 0.25 teaspoon gives it plenty of absorption power.

How Knock Out! Absorbs Odor

Knock Out! underwear liners are all bonded with tiny odor absorbing pockets that won't wash out. These pockets named, cyclodextrins, are made of a combination of glucose (sugar) molecules that are safe and natural and widely found in pharmaceuticals, cosmetic, foods and air sprays. When cared for properly,Knock Out!'s odor absorption properties will last for the life of the fabric.

Made from beautiful Supima Cottons and luxurious stretch lace, Knock Out! undergarments have been designed based on today's market of most popular designs for thongs, bikinis and full coverage panties all with the added Smart Panties™ performance bonus!