First conceived as a runway collection by designer Mira Katz in 1986, Linea Pelle has quickly matured to become a leading producer of luxurious Italian leather handbags and accessories in the high fashion market. What initially started as a collection of clothing evolved into handbags, belts, motorcycle jackets and more. After entering the world of luxury accessories, Linea Pelle was relocated to Southern California. Drawing inspiration from Los Angeles' breathtaking ocean, colors, and light, Linea Pelle reinvented their brand as one that embodies the essence of the California cool spirit, with just a dash of East Coast elegance.

Linea Pelle focuses on creating casual leather goods for fashionable women who appreciate a fusion of style, comfort and functionality. Specially washed leathers make for intricate custom pieces that effortlessly define the company’s Southern Californian aesthetic. Through combining supple Italian leathers with chic medal hardware and hand detailing, such as studs and other embellishments, Linea Pelle designers create a truly exceptional and unique piece every time. Due to the high quality of their leather goods and unwavering commitment to detail, Linea Pelle has become a brand that is beloved by celebrities, influencers, and everyday women alike, selling in the top boutiques and department stores around the world.