Living Proof Travel Kits

Whether you're going on holiday this season or you just want to sample Living Proof then there are many travel kits for you to try out. The sets use only the latest technlogy to deliver the best results for every hair type: curly, thin, damaged, and more. If your hair is curly and voluminous then why not try the Living Proof Curl Travel Kit? The set includes a Curl Conditioning Wash to deep cleanse and nourish your curls, a Curl Detangling Rinse to detangle and define your curls and a Curl Defining Styling Cream to control and hold your curls. If your hair is fine and thin then the Living Proof Full Collection is more ideal for you. The set includes a Full Shampoo to deep cleanse and moisturize fine hair, a Full Conditioner to hydrate and add volume to hair strands and a Full Thickening Cream, which thickens the hair and adds volume to the roots.

If you struggle with frizzy hair then the No Frizz Travel Kit is what you need. The set includes a No Frizz sulfate-free shampoo which cleanses and nourishes the hair, a No Frizz sulfate-free conditioner which hydrates and smoothes the hair strands and a No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream which adds volume and thickness to your roots. With patented Healthy Hair Molecule Technology, Living Proof stands by their promise to deliver ultimate results for every hair type.

Explore the science of beauty and fall in love with Living Proof.