Living Textiles

When your precious little one comes into the world, you look for the very best of everything for them. Living Textiles Baby provides the ultimate in all things bedding, nursery essentials and more. With 100% quality cotton, the brand strives and delivers top notch, high quality materials that will cushion and protect your baby's delicate skin. Personalize your nursery decor with its classic prints and sophisticated textile essentials. 

Living Textiles Baby was founded back in 1963 as a family-owned and operated fabric selling business. It soon became incredibly successful as a baby and children’s nursery and bedding company due to the talent and determination of its founding family. Designed with comfort and protection in mind, Living Textiles Baby creates incredibly versatile bedding products for both infants and young children. Each piece is innovatively crafted to keep them secure and comfortable without the risk of harming or irritating their delicate skin. Every product from Living Textiles Baby is designed with modern design elements. Most products include Smart-Dri technology, which is hygienic, waterproof and breathable. This helps keep your baby dry and comfortable in case of drips or spills. With products that range from sheets to bumpers and quilts, you’re certain to find the perfect snuggle buddy for your little one!