Lori Bonn

Founded in 1991 Lori Bonn Design Inc., is a Northern California based company that designs, manufacturers and distributes semiprecious jewelry. Driven by the creativity and style of Lori Bonn, the company continues to create and grow in popularity. Lori Bonn currently releases over a dozen new collections each year.

Lori Bonn Silver Jewelry

Lori Bonn's favorite designs include combining sterling silver with any combination of colorful gems. By mixing bold silhouettes and intricate detailing, the Lori Bonn Jewelry line has developed a loyal following across the world. Seen on celebrities including Alicia Silverstone, Hilary Duff, and some of the cast of '24: Season 8', each Lori Bonn jewelry piece is carefully handcrafted from genuine precious metals and semi-precious gemstones. All jewelry is manufactured by master silversmiths throughout Asia, where detailed metalworks are an integral part of the crafts tradition.