Magna-Tiles Clear and Colored magnetic building sets foster patterning, shape recognition, 3 dimensional thinking, building skills and fine motor skills. Whether through directed instruction or through open-ended creative play, Magna-tiles allow young minds to experience and understand basic math, science and creative concepts. Developing familiarity with geometric shapes will lay a strong foundation for advanced mathematics, such as geometry and calculus.

Magnatiles - How We Found Them

Magna Tiles by Valtech Corporation were recommended by a customer who purchases Rhino Toys from us. She explained that her grandchildren and now their neighborhood friends all love the 3-D magnetic building tiles. We put her claim to the ultimate test with our Chief Buyer's, at the time, six year old. He loved them. His only complaint? He wanted more sets so he can build bigger things!

Fun keeps them interested

You’re looking for a toy that has educational value but that is actually truly fun. No one wants to buy a gift for a child that gets touched once and never played with again. Easy to use and amazingly versatile, Magna-Tiles meet your criteria and then some. Popular in early-educational settings by not just teachers but students alike, these magnetic, 3-D pieces are addictive for little ones, who are bursting with creative designs and energy for building their dream houses and architectural marvels. Some sets come with doors and windows to add authenticity to their creations. All the pieces have magnetic features for easy connections and re-connections, and countless structural possibilities.

Magna-Tiles are especially great for families of young children as the colorful pieces are really fun for making creations together and seeing what each person builds. With large sets of Magna-Tiles, the combinations are endless. The Deluxe sets include rare pieces, such as a wheel chassis and door hinges for especially creative designs, as well as transparent tiles for inspiring structures. The standard sets provide a mix of solid colors, perfect for beginners and Magna-Tiles enthusiasts.

From an educational standpoint, playing with these magnetic tiles will help children begin their journey toward learning math, geometry, spatial relations and patterns. For the younger set, Magna-Tiles will help them fully understand their shapes. Magna-Tiles are safe and appropriate for children age 3 and older.

If you’re new to the world of Magna-Tiles, you may be wondering which set would make sense for the children in your life. The 32 set could make for a nice starter gift, but very likely there will be a need for more at some point. Many of our customers find the smaller sets are useful for supplementing existing collections.

Give a child the gift of play, creativity and learning with a set of Magna-Tiles today.