Mai Couture

Mai Couture offers a unique line of makeup papers that makes it simple to look great quickly and easily. From Redbook to Real Simple, Mai Couture is being discovered as a beauty essential that is easy to carry and leaves you with a glowing and flawless complexion. All Mai Couture Papiers are organic, paraben-free, talc-free, chemist certified natural, suitable for all skin types, and fragrance-free (except for the natural fragrance of the essential oils).

Which Mai Couture Papiers Are Right For You?

The correct answer is. . . all of them! Mai Couture Papiers serve different purposes to be incorporated into different aspects of your daily beauty routine. Mai Couture 2 in 1 Oil Blotting and Bronzing Papier, helps to enhance your natural color while blotting facial oil. Mai Couture Blush Papier, available in 3 shades, allows you to wear blush without the messy brush application. Finally, the Mai Couture Oil Blotting Papier will rejuvenate and refresh your skin by removing excess oils and - best of all - without disturbing your makeup. All Mai Couture Papiers are available either 'a la carte' or in a chic wallet which allows you to carry your Mai Couture on the go. These wallets are stylish accessories that will protect your Mai Couture papers from damage. Each wallet holds two booklets. Create your own combination that fits your daily needs.