Malie is a Hawaiian beauty product house that pulls its inspiration from the natural beauty of Hawaii and the inbuilt serenity of the Hawaiian lifestyle. The entire Malie collection is entirely organic and all-natural, and is crafted to effortlessly capture the beauty of native Hawaiian flora and inspire a sense of serenity and tranquility. Hawaii is native to some of the lushest fruits and most fragrant flowers in the world, creating the perfect palette of scents and ingredients for Malie formulators to choose from. Using these ingredients, Malie is able to create gorgeous and luxurious natural and organic products for your home, body, and spirit. Each product is crafted with the unique method of Hawaiian Hyrdolysis, in which gentle floral waters are infused into each item in an effortless manner that captures the scents and benefits at the molecular level.

The entire collection of Malie products is crafted without parabens or sulfates and is enriched with all-natural, organic, and wild-crafted ingredients. These ingredients are approved for use in cosmetics lines by the Natural Products Association and are never tested on animals. With each product, Malie works to embody and award the talents of local Hawaiian artisans as well as to strengthen the Hawaiian way of life as they continue to share their gifts of paradise with the world. Their collection of high quality spa and beauty products is continually expanding with the addition of new and innovative items that embody the Hawaiian spirit and awaken the body and spirit. From body creams to soothing oils to scented candles and more, Malie is certain to have the perfect luxurious gift for anyone on your list and maybe a little something for yourself, too!