Created as a safe alternative to the normal bedding fabrics that contain fire retardants and insecticides, Malpaca Pillows are made in the USA of natural alpaca wool. Available in four sizes and three fill options, Malpaca Pillows offer the size and firmness options to provide the perfect sleep; whether you prefer the traditional softer pillow or the popular firmer contemporary option.

Made of all natural-organic fabrics, Malpaca pillows do not contain harmful chemicals typically used on cotton or other fabric crops. In addition, alpaca wool by nature is fire resistant, naturally anti-bacterial, resistant to mold, mildew and dust mites making Malpaca the perfect hypo allergenic pillow. Alpaca wool has scales rounded at the edge and closer to the shaft than sheep wool, which gives alpaca wool a soft, cashmere-like feel in a breathable fiber ideal for both warm and cool temperatures, and which is why it was selected as the fabric for Malpaca's lavish pillow collection.

The typical person spends approximately 1/3 of their life sleeping. Malpaca Pillow collection of supportive and luxurious pillows are OCIA International Certified Organic and all come in a soft fabric cover of 100% Viscose From Organic Bamboo.