The first step of our beauty routine is typically to cleanse and exfoliate our faces. Maintaining the ideal moisture level of the skin's top layers prevents the skin from becoming dry and from aging prematurely.

Mavala's facial treatments are based on three essential principles:

  • Prepare skin to breathe better, and to take the best advantage of a proper treatment program.
  • Prevent premature skin aging by maintaining its maximum moisture level.
  • Protect skin with appropriate treatments: nutritive components, vitamins, active ingredients.

The Mavala line of treatment products, enriched with highly performing active ingredients, provides a specific response to each skin type. Mavala Laboratories in Switzerland chose, as the natural key ingredient of the whole line, a plant extract from the Alps - the Mallow (malva sylvestris) - with its smoothing, emollient, astringent and refreshing properties. This plant extract is present in all the care products of the Mavala skin care collection.