Missoni Accessories


Missoni was founded in 1953 in Gallarate, Lombardy in 1953 by Otavio and Rosita Missoni as a high-end Italian fashion house. What initially started as an at-home workshop in a small village quickly boomed into becoming one of the number one fashion houses in the world. It became an international sensation in 1967 after their models walked the Florence runways in sheer blouses and nothing underneath. Although they were banned from Fashion Week, Missoni became a household name in high demand of the young, fashionable and famous.

Since its inception, Missoni has grown to become a designer brand associated with aesthetic innovation and technical invention that is constantly re-writing the public perception of knitwear. Their classic colorful zigzag pattern and elegant pattern play is always seen on celebrities and influencers alike. Since their success in the fashion industry, Missoni has moved on to designing home goods such as décor and furniture, allowing you to bring their iconic colorful design aesthetic into your home and closet!