Mott 50

Mott50 was founded by two best friends, Anne and Monique, after spending a long day at the beach. They realized that there was a huge gap in the beach wear apparel market – there was nothing that was fashionable and protective against the sun. Thus, Mott50 was born. Mott50 clothing is designed with trendy yet lightweight materials that are crafted to protect skin up to 50 UPF (ultraviolet protective factor), compared to the average 5 UPF of the basic white tee.

Rooted in advocacy for sun safety and the resulting effects on your overall health, Mott 50 is redefining the industry. After the success of their initial collection of trendy and comfortable bathing suit cover ups, Mott50 designers have moved on to add many more product lines, from rashguards and athletic gear to hats and more. Their chic clothing and accessories have captured the attention and love of women everywhere. With so many beautiful and functional products, Mott50 is the perfect choice for any woman who wants to stay protected with out compromising their style.