MZ Wallace

MZ Wallace was founded in 2000 in New York by close friends Monica Zwirner and Lucy Wallace Eustice as a unique accessory brand. Both women have had extensive experience working in the fashion industry and wanted to continue on while chasing their true passion for accessories. Co-founder Monica Zwirner worked as a Fashion Stylist in the United States and Europe, while co-founder Lucy Wallace worked as a Fashion Editor at Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Their combined experience and love of fashion sparked their desire to create MZ Wallace.

MZ Wallace opened their first store in Soho in 2001 before their popularity skyrocketed due to high demand for their trendy yet somehow classic handbags. This high-end company was built on luxurious and distinctive design inspired by the active and dynamic lifestyles of native New York women. Each stunning handbag and accessory perfectly captures the hustle and bustle of city life while adding a sense of glamorous style and unmatched elegance. High-powered women and fashionistas alike seek out MZ Wallace handbags and accessories due to their innovative design, trendy styles, and traditional appeal. Classic best-selling styles such as the Marlena Backpack, the Paige Bag, and more are featured on fashion blogs and in magazines everywhere for their stunning appearance and classic appeal. Shop the MZ Wallace collection to find your perfect match today!