NEST Fragrances

The experience of a fragrance cannot be expressed by a scent alone. The experience represents a culmination of colors, shapes, emotions, and textures, all building to the recognition of a scent. The combination of these factors forms the experience embodied by a NEST Fragrance, utilizing the highest-quality elements to create a fragrance story, infusing the mundane with indulgence, and making the everyday exceptional.

Launched in 2005 by celebrated fragrance expert, Laura Slatkin, NEST Fragrances initially focused on private-label scents, developing the home fragrance lines for more than eighty luxury brands. By Fall 2008, NEST had launched a home fragrance line of its own, focusing on the blend of color, texture, and scent culminating in a unique experience for each individual scent. This experience represents the everyday luxury embodied by NEST Fragrances, supplementing the everyday routine of living and entertaining with a taste of luxury.

Since it's launch, NEST fragrances has expanded from home products into bath and body care, as well as personal fragrance. NEST's most recent collection draws inspiration from British artist Mary Delany. Delany's mixed media botanicals compliment the multi-dimensional fragrances they inspire, moving beyond the elements of scent to create the experience that NEST promises in each of its products.