PHYTO uses exclusively highly concentrated plant based extracts to restore your hair to its natural healthy and beautiful condition. A comprehensive solution based hair care line, PHYTO products are separated into different categories making it easy to determine which product is right for you. Not all hair is created equal and by concentrating on your hair and its needs you can restore its beauty.


Since its inception in 1969, and long before the beginning of the ecology trend, they have played a role in protecting nature - its ally - in all aspects. Founded by Patrick Ales, the PHYTO line has grown from a single salon to a world wide respected brand for creating healthy hair. (Read a complete history of PHYTO, with the article Patrick Ales and the History of PHYTO). Fans include Halle Berry, Jennifer Anniston, Julia Roberts, Oprah, Julianne Moore, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kate Hudson. The feature of countless magazines, PHYTO also was recently charged along with Madison Avenue's Salon keeping the US Open's players beautiful.


By using the most effective active ingredients available in the botanical world, PHYTO hair care products maintain healthy-looking hair that reveals its natural beauty. In an effort to minimize the use of preservatives, all PHYTO products are packaged in glass, metal or aluminum containers. All PHYTO products are developed and made in France. Discover how good your hair can naturally look with PHYTO!