Rigaud Mini Candle

The Rigaud Mini Candle features the same exceptional burning quality as its larger counterparts, only with a 20 hour burn time. Enjoy the opulent fragrance of your Rigaud Candle while luxuriating in your bath or after a busy day. It permeate a room with an opulent scent, leaving a subtle, lingering fragrance.

Available in several scents, the Rigaud Mini Candle comes in a clear glass container with silver snuffer with finger loop and base that gives the candle an elegant look. It comes packaged in the signature zebra striped box and detailed with a ribbon.

Fragrances: Chevrefeuille (Honeysuckle), Cypress (Green Forest), Cythere (Red Spice), Gardenia (Gardenia), Jardin d'Orient (Garden of the East), Jasmin (Jasmine), Lilas (Lilac), Reine de la Nuit and Santifolia (Pink Rose).   Weight: 2.12 oz - 60 grams.
Height:  2 3/4".
Diameter: 2 1/8".
Burn Time: Approximately 20 hours.