Our buyer loves candles so, of course, she had to identify the best scented candles in the world. The Rigaud Candle Company from France goes back to 1852 as a master perfumery. Scented candles were introduced in 1950 and later became a signature of the Kennedy White House (Rigaud Candles Cypress). Today, Rigaud candles are featured in luxury homes and upscale journals around the world.

Rigaud Home Fragrances - Quality Makes For the Best Scented Candles

Everything from the wicks to the wax is top of the line, signature Rigaud quality. The wicks are made of braided, natural cotton and have a zinc wire core, attached to a metal star centered in the container. Rigaud designs the right wick for each candle as each wick reacts differently depending on the fragrance and the size of the container. They use a patented soft wax that guarantees that the fragrance will stay true. The texture allows Rigaud scented candle to have a lower melting point of about 42 degrees, helping it liquefy quicker than other candles. Because it can do this, the soft wax diffuses the fragrance immediately and constantly without an unsightly crater after re-solidifying. Rigaud candles also use ingredients that are biodegradable and are respectful to the environment.

Rigaud Candles - Beautiful Fragrances Are Memorable

Each candle contains 10-12% perfume oil, among the highest concentration of any scented candle today. This high concentration of perfume allows the scent to penetrate an entire room without becoming overwhelming. Rigaud makes nine scents, including the best selling cypress candle (green) made famous at the Kennedy White House.