Rock Cotton is mother-daughter design collaboration by Tina and Taylor McMillen. They specialize in creating versatile and comfortable tunics with a stylish, modern twist. Their distinctive creations fall into the one-size-fits-all category. Encompassing a classic tunic design but with more stretch than regular tunics, they can be worn as long, short or plain tops, offering the perfect fit for virtually any body type. Rock Cotton garments are made from 95% Supima Cotton, exclusively from American cotton growers. 

Its ultra-soft material drapes beautifully off the body. They can be combined with your favorite pieces: from flip-flops to boots, with or without leggings underneath, adorned with jewels for a night out, you name it. Versatility and style at their best.The Rock Cotton duo follows a specific procedure of hand-dying each piece, resulting in unique designs. Each tunic is accompanied with its own tumble stone, a wonderful addition by Taylor Mcmillen.