Royal Carretsmanship

Royal-Pedic's Guide to Crafting a Healthy Mattress

Royal-Pedic has been dedicated to promoting healthful sleep for over half a century. Through the finest craftsmanship and natural materials, Royal-Pedic mattresses have comforted kings and queens, presidents and poets...and not because of who they are, but for what they want: a restful, energizing, truly good night's sleep.

Hand Layering the Cotton Padding in the Mattress
Each Royal-Pedic mattress is carefully hand crafted by skilled craftsmen. Royal-Pedic employs the traditional hand crafting techniques of the past when quality of construction mattered more than quantity of output.

Carefully Sewing the Quilted Mattress Panel
Royal-Pedic uses state-of the-art sewing machinery to insure the sewing of your mattress is done with exact precision for comfort and durability.

Meticulously Sewing the Binding Tape onto the Edge of the Mattress
Royal-Pedic makes their mattresses for their customers with the same care they would use if they were making them for themselves. Since 1946, Royal-Pedic has devoted their time and talents to producing absolutely the finest quality mattresses available.

Hand Tufting Pre-Compresses the Cotton Padding For Exceptional Back Support
Hand tufting is an old fashioned technique Royal-Pedic has been employing in their mattress production since the mid 1940's. They use European tufting straps for a comfortable sleeping surface, rather than buttons, which can turn on their side causing discomfort.

Royal-Pedic's Box Spring Units Provide Excellent Support and Durability
Royal-Pedic provides 50% more coils in the center-third of their box spring for extra support where it's needed most (about 40% of our body weight is located in our torso area). We use a wide slat foundation, and thick 8 3/4 gauge coil wire so your box spring will support the mattress with lasting durability and exceptional comfort.