Royal-Pedic's Premium Natural Materials

Since 1946, Royal-Pedic has built their reputation as the 'healthy mattress', always utilizing the finest natural materials available. Natural ingredients are healthier because they ventilate body heat, offer more comfort, and are more durable than the typical synthetics largely used in the production of mattresses today. And for those of you who are sensitive to polyurethane smells, you will be happy to know that Royal-Pedic does not use this petrochemical material in their mattresses at all.
The Finest Long Staple Cotton Grown in California and Texas
The cotton padding Royal-Pedic uses is of the highest grade, normally only used in custom-made, high-end upholstered furniture. Using the longer cotton fibers blended together to make layers for the mattresses insures there will be a consistent, supportive sleeping surface so you won't get lumps. In addition, Royal-Pedic offers an organic option utilizing the most pure organic cotton found in the world.
Natural Latex is Harvested from Rubber Tree Plantations in Indonesia and Malaysia
Royal-Pedic's latex is harvested by tapping into the rubber tree in much the same way as maple syrup from the maple tree. Shipped to modern plants in England and the US, the milky white latex is converted into cores for mattresses and pillows in special zoned molds. The latex undergoes four rinsing processes to eliminate rubber odors. Latex is dust-mite repellant, hypoallergenic, and anti-bacterial.
Untreated Lamb's Wool from the South of France
The lamb's wool provides a comforting natural fiber layer quilted underneath the cotton mattress covering. The lamb's wool contains lanolin a natural dust-mite repellant. The sheep live in wide-open spaces, rather than being cooped up in a small space. Once the sheep are sheared, the wool is cleaned in a soap-based solution, rather than herding the sheep into a chemically treated trough.