You spend more time on your mattress than anywhere else. This is when buying the best mattress really pays off in health, comfort, and quality. If you are searching for who makes the best beds or the highest rated mattress sets in the luxury category, we have selected Royal-Pedic for these reasons.

Royal-Pedic was founded by a master mattress maker trained at the prestigious Heals of London, the mattress maker for England's royal family and other dignitaries. In 1946, he set out for the U.S. to a location suited for exquisite quality, handcrafted mattresses. Royal-Pedic opened in Los Angeles and became the choice of the most discriminating clients, including Hollywood and sports celebrities and U.S. Presidents (JFK insisted on Royal Pedic mattresses wherever he traveled). Our best sellers include the Royal Pedic All Cotton Mattress and the Royal Pedic Royal Latex 7 Zone Mattress.

Why Royal-Pedic

  • Health: Royal-Pedic uses only natural and hypoallergenic materials - no synthetics or polyurethanes that cause outgassing and chemical smells
  • Comfort: Superior design and natural materials makes Royal-Pedic the most comfortable mattress (winner of Fox 11 Comfort Bed Test)
  • Quality: Hand craftsmanship and the finest natural materials from around the world make Royal-Pedic the highest quality mattress

Royal-Pedic Uses The Finest Natural Materials Available

Natural ingredients are healthier because they ventilate body heat, offer more comfort, and are more durable than the typical synthetics used in mattresses. If you are sensitive to polyurethane smells, you will be happy to know that Royal-Pedic does not use this petrochemical.

  • The finest long staple cotton grown in the USA (organic mattress also available)
  • Natural latex from rubber trees in Indonesia & Malaysia, manufactured in England
  • Untreated lamb's wool from the south of France
  • Elegant Belgian 100% cotton hand-tufted fabric ticking