Sassybax Bare

Clean your skin thoroughly with a gentle soap to remove any trace of body oil or skin care products. Dry your skin with a soft towel, then apply Very Bare right away. Remove the backing, and KEEP for storage (if damaged you may use cellophane food wrap.)
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Step 1 - Stand in front of a mirror. Bend at the waist. Hold the bra cups with two hands and place your breasts in the cups.Step 2 - As you stand up, press the bra firmly to your skin making sure the wire is directly under the breasts and resting on the rib cage. Step 3 - Press the tabs against the side of the rib cage at a slight downward angle.
If the tabs need trimming to accommodate your shape or dress, trim with a sharp scissors at any of the demarcationlines on the tabs. If you are not satisfied with the placement of the bra, follow the removal instructions, then reapply. The effectiveness of the adhesive may be reduced after several attempts. If this happens, simply follow the care instructions to reactivate the adhesive.