Sassybax FAQ

What is a Sassybax?
Sassybax are revolutionary bras designed to meet the demand for a smooth silhouette, even under the most body skimming clothing. Sassybax virtually eliminates bra bulge and gives the sleek appearance necessary for today's fashions. It is knit seamlessly 360 degrees in the round and therefore, offers support front and back without anything to leave marks under your clothing or on your skin.

How does Sassybax support?
The revolutionary design is knit seamlessly with the Sassybax signature microfiber nylon and Lycra blend to offer a uniquely supportive bra. The cup is designed with a knit in shaping and support feature that is unique only to Sassybax.

How do I put it on if there's no opening at the back?
Sassybax is best stepped a bathing suit. No more make up and hair spoilers!

How do I choose my size?
Sassybax is not like bras we are used to, it is sized very differently. Check the size chart on each product's page, the sizing is usually determined by your cup & top size. Since the Torso Trim comes just over the hip, the pant size is necessary to get a proper fit. Then check if the corresponding size in Sassybax will work for you. Sassybax cups stretch to accommodate 2 to even 3 different cup sizes within each size. If you are over a DD, we recommend the underwire version of the Sassybax Bralette and Torso Trim; but many of our customers have both styles for different purposes and looks.

How do I decide between underwire and wire free styles?
Both underwire and wire free Sassybax styles offer great lift and support. Styles with an underwire simply offer slightly more definition and breast shaping. The underwire pushes breast tissue forward and provides a bit more separation. Also, if you are over a DD, we recommend the underwire version of the Bralette and Torso Trim.

How is Sassybax Torso Trim different from a camisole?
Sassybax is superior to any camisole on the market because it offers real bra support so there is no need to wear a bra AND a camisole. In addition, it provides extra shaping of the entire torso, front and back. It is perfect under today's sheer and body skimming fashions. You will want to own one in every delicious color!

What is the difference between the Sassybax Bralette, Bandeau, and Torso Trim?
All of these items offer built in bra support, so you can be comfortable and bra bulge free! The Bralette is a great everyday bra while the Bandeau works well with strapless and halter style tops. We recommend the Torso Trim for those who are looking for tummy control or a camisole. To take a closer look at each Sassybax style, see our Sassybax Comparison Chart.

Are Sassybax bras good for pregnancy and nursing?
Yes! It is the most comfortable bra for pregnancy because as your breasts become tender or larger, the bra stretches to fit your shape. This totally eliminates discomfort and pain caused by traditional bras. For nursing, the cup is easily pulled down and back up because of the stretch in the knitted fabric. And it's so much cuter than a nursing bra! After the baby comes, the Torso Trim will help you feel trimmer and even help you get your figure back more readily.

Is Sassybax a good bra for after breast surgery?
Yes! It is recommended by some plastic surgeons.

Can I use prosthesis in my Sassybax?
Yes! Sassybax accommodates and holds prosthesis comfortably.