A colorful fashion accessory that when you take off returns to its original shape, Silly Bandz are fun to collect, trade and wear. Made from silicone and die molded, Silly Bandz are available in sets of two Silly Bandz Bracelets and come in a variety of fun shapes and licensed Silly Bandz including the Justin Bieber Silly Bandz.

Invented in 2002 by a Japanese design team, Silly Bandz were discovered by Robert Croak, owner of BCP Imports, on a business trip, who had the brilliant idea of making them larger and thicker and marketing them as a child's fashion accessory.

Where To Find Silly Bandz?

Today, Silly Bandz can be found throughout the US and Canada and is fast becoming a household name. Silly Bandz have taken the country by storm as one of the hottest items for kids today. With so many fun styles and colors to collect and trade, it is no wonder. As with any popular item, imitations are common. Don't accept imitations that may lose their shape over time. Make sure you are buying the original Silly Bandz!

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