Summer Infant

Summer Infant was founded in 1985 when William Lockett III sought out a safe place to place his baby, Summer, while he was busy doing other things. Out of this need to protect and nurture his baby, the original Baby Bouncy Seat was born. Since then, Summer Infant has blossomed to focusing on continually creating parenting products that are innovative, safe, and durable for generations to come. With each new year comes new ideas to be developed, tested, and perfected by Summer Infant designers and leading health and development professionals. Each Summer Infant product is designed with the idea of providing a safe and innovative journey for you and your baby as you move forward together in the greatest adventure of your lives. Each product is designed with the ultimate in innovation and safety in mind through the consultation of pediatricians, child development experts, and more. Both you and your baby can rest assured that each and every Summer Infant product has been designed, crafted, tested, and crafted with ingenuity, integrity, and safety in mind. With products from monitoring systems to the original Bouncy Seat and more, you’re certain to find the perfect product for you and your baby for the next step in your parenting adventure!