In Japanese, “zoku” means family – and that’s exactly what Zoku wants to inspire! This company was founded in Hoboken, New Jersey as a home goods company, but they really consider themselves to be a thinking business. Zoku designers strive to create fun and functional innovative home products that inspire the creation of family memories as well as a fun and playful experience. They’re not afraid to get dirty working hands-on with their products and prototypes. By testing their products themselves, Zoku employees can make sure that each item they produce actually works at the high level they expect and is fun to use for the whole family!

What first started as an idea of creating something to help popsicles freeze faster has since then expanded to including a wide range of home products to inspire customers and their families. In addition to receiving awards for their innovative products, Zoku products have also been featured in collections at The Henry Ford and the Chicago Athenaeum Museum for Architecture and Design. With such highly rated products as their Quick Pop Maker and Ice Cream Maker, you’re bound to find the perfect modern Zoku appliance to decorate your kitchen counter!