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The Bunnies By The Bay Buddy Blanket is a snuggly soft velour blanket that comes attached to a plush floppy eared bunny. The blanket is lined and edged in a silky satin that is comforting to the touch, and opens in front and back for easy snuggling. Embroidered with tiny carrots down the front and in the corner with "Best Friends Indeed".

Care Instructions: Machine wash cold. Tumble dry no heat.

Colors: Pink.

Size: 16".

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Bunnies by the Bay was founded in 1986 by siblings Krystal Kirkpatrick and Suzanne Knutson after experiencing a tragic loss. Bunnies by the Bay was founded with the idea that little bouts of glee could help fight away the dark unexpected times in life, and that timeless friends could help see a child through their first few years of life. Each adorable Bunnies by the Bay stuffed animal is crafted out of the highest quality materials in witty and whimsical designs that help capture the imagination of the child.

Bunnies By The Bay Buddy Blanket 16 inch - Blossom Reviews

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Verified Buyer
Perfect !!!
By Mimi from on 11/19/2012
Easy to order, quick delivery, perfect condition
Verified Buyer
Beautiful gift
By blackbird from Saint Petersburg, from on 11/12/2012
I've seen these in person and the level of craftsmanship is rare, even for baby gift, these days. I was pleased to find this product for a reduced price (compared to other retailers online). My girlfriend was beside herself when she received it and called me immediately to say thank you. Everything from Bunnies By the Bay is exquisite, thank you for bringing them into your assortment.
Verified Buyer
Great Baby Gift
By Georgia from Issaquah, WA from on 10/10/2012
I saw the item at a baby shower and wanted to get one for my newborn granddaughter. She loves the blanket and I will be buying more for gifts.
Verified Buyer
My granddaughter loves this!
By Val Walvatne from Minnesota from on 7/26/2012
Great fast service! Thank you! Ordered this for my granddaughter and she loves it. It is so soft - She sleeps with it every night/nap time.
Verified Buyer
Must have!!!
By Shatiya from NRH, TX from on 7/25/2012
My daughter got this as a baby shower gift... When I give birth to her she was to small for her car seat so we but the Bunnies in with her little did we know what we started... All most two years later we still have it and it's become her best grubs at the age of 3 months she names it Gigi... She does not do anything without it.. I am so blessed to have found a place i can get a back up from.. Bc Gigi is my life saver now!!! No Gigi no peace in my house
Verified Buyer
Best baby bunny!
By Mom of 5 from Henderson, NV from on 6/17/2012
Our 7 month old loved her first bunny so much, we bought her 2 more! One for the car seat, 1 for the crib, 1 for the swing! She loves cuddling with it to calm herself! All our children have some blanket from bunnies by the bay. Just remember, don't dry it in the dryer or it looses the softness!
Verified Buyer
Love it!
By Karina from CT from on 4/24/2012
This bunny is sweet, soft and the perfect present for a baby. My childrne have them and it is a snuggle partner must! The bunny gives them comfort and assures a good sleep :-) Pros: - soft, great fabric, durable
Verified Buyer
Essential in our house
By Kristin Graziano from Scottsdale, AZ from on 4/23/2012
This product is referred to as Stinky Bunny in my house. It is my 11 month old's "lovie". My older daughter got this as a gift a couple years ago and the baby has latched on to it and sleeps with the ears or arms in her mouth. It has become Stinky Bunny because it is always wet from being in her mouth and it stinks. I HAD to find another one so that I can actually wash the one we have. I was fortunate to find this on WhatSheBuys and at the lowest price, PLUS free shipping. We obviously love it and we were very happy with the price and delivery time.
Verified Buyer
Product new with tags in mint condition.
By Sue from Waxahachie, TX from on 4/11/2012
Received product in just a few days. very very satisfied
Verified Buyer
By Janae from Colorado from on 1/28/2012
My daughter is in LOVE with this bunny! It gets really dirty from her taking it everywhere, the best thing is it washes up great!!! Super soft material. Love this bunny!
Verified Buyer
Great bunny!
By Nina from Massachusetts from on 12/16/2011
My daughter was given this as a gift when she was born and she has become very attached to it. We have since purchased a couple more in case one gets lost. These bunnies are so soft I can understand why it's her favorite,
Verified Buyer
LOVE this bunny!
By charlotte from atlantic highlands, NJ from on 9/26/2011
My toddler daughter has LOVED this bunny since it was given to us as a gift when she was an infant. She chews on it, hugs it, squishes it, sleeps with it...it's held up pretty well, considering. Since she's so attached to it, I bought an identical one recently that we are currently trying to "break in" to look like Bunny #1. Super soft, the ideal baby gift - I have now bought several as baby gifts. Highly recommend.
Verified Buyer
Softest, most cuddley blankies ever.
By Bonnie from Cincinnati,Ohio from on 7/29/2011
I have purchased at least twelve of these blankies in the past. My grandchildren are addicted to them. My grandson, who is six, still sleeps with his puppy blankies. We also have the bunnies, the bear, and many duplicates of each. It is their most beloved sleeping buddy. Pros: - Soft and cuddley. Cons: - Nothing
Verified Buyer
Adorably cute, unbelievably soft!
By MGT from on 4/2/2011
Love Bunnies By the Bay -- and this seller's selection of them! Prompt shipping (and free, with free gift wrap) makes this the company I chose above all others to replace my daughter's lost beloved Bunny.
Verified Buyer
Review for Bunnies By The Bay Buddy Blanket 16 inch - Blossom
By Enida from on 1/24/2011
My 2-year old lost her first bunny so each day she kept asking for it. (WhatShe Buys provided Bunnies By The Bay Buddy Blanket 16 inch - Blossom that I was looking for). Actually it was sentimental to me as well, since she was so attached to it. I had to replace it! Thankfully my order arrived pretty quickly, she loves it and doesn't even know the difference, except this one is much cleaner, ha ... ha .... The price is worth it!
Verified Buyer
Review for Bunnies By The Bay Buddy Blanket 16 inch - Blossom
By Judy from on 8/6/2010
My daughter-in-law got this bunny as a shower present and wanted another one, a year later, to swap off when the first one needing washing. I search on google and found it here at WhatSheBuys at a great price that included shipping! Better yet, it was shipped immediately and arrived all the way across the country a couple of days later. I am truly impressed with this store and have bookmarked it as one of my favorites. Thanks for a wonderful shopping experience!!!!
Verified Buyer
Review for Bunnies By The Bay Buddy Blanket 16 inch - Blossom
By Monica from on 7/26/2010
Excellent baby gift! They seem to be the lucky of choice with my little recipients. Received them very quickly and at the right price from WhatSheBuys. Kudos to a top notch internet company!
Verified Buyer
Review for Bunnies By The Bay Buddy Blanket 16 inch - Blossom
By Mama to Gigi from on 7/14/2010
I had to purchase a 2nd bunny because the first one is getting a bit worn from the 1st year of use. Second bunny is not quite as "loved" as first bunny, but it'll do when nothing else will.
Verified Buyer
Review for Bunnies By The Bay Buddy Blanket 16 inch - Blossom
By Anonymous from on 6/5/2010
Soft, cuddly, adorable -- truly a best buddy!
Verified Buyer
Review for Bunnies By The Bay Buddy Blanket 16 inch - Blossom
By Karen from on 11/23/2009
My 2 year old daughter is on her 3rd bunny. She adores them!