Charriol Warranty & Care Instructions

Charriol® Cable Jewelry Care and Cleaning

Charriol® U.S.A. Exclusively by ALOR® cable jewelry is a precious item and must be treated with care to assure it retains its original beauty and integrity. Some cable jewelry collections have been subject to a special process which creates a very strong ionic mechanic bond with the cable. This process is extremely durable but requires, like all Charriol® U.S.A. Exclusively by ALOR® jewelry, special care to assure that the cable is not damaged.

Cleaning at Home

Cable jewelry should be cleaned by an authorized Charriol® U.S.A. only to avoid damage to the cable, however if you wish to clean your jewelry at home, place the item in a solution of warm water and mild hand soap and dry with a soft cloth. Any caustic or abrasive cleaning process used to clean the cable jewelry can severely damage the process and the cable.

  • Soak the item in a very warm solution of water and mild soap for no longer than one minute, then rinse thoroughly.
  • A gentle brushing with a soft toothbrush can be used to loosen stubborn dirt.

Cleaning & Maintenance of all Charriol® Cable Jewelry

  • All cable jewelry should only be cleaned and serviced by an authorized Charriol® U.S.A. Service Center to avoid damage.
  • DO NOT steam clean, place in an ultrasonic cleaning device, or use any jewelry chemical solutions on your fine cable jewelry.
  • Avoid using anything with abrasives or household chemicals such as bleach, toothpaste, ammonia, nitric acid, jewelry cleaning chemicals, scouring powder or creamy cleaners.
  • Do not wear in a Jacuzzi, for prolonged periods in the ocean or swimming pool. Make sure to immediately rinse the jewelry very well with lukewarm water after your swim and dry with a soft cloth as sea salt and swimming pool chemicals will otherwise damage the cable jewelry.
  • Put on jewelry after applying any cosmetics, creams, perfumes or hairspray as the chemicals might damage the cable jewelry.
  • The Charriol® warranty will cover any manufacturing defect but will not cover any damage to your cable jewelry resulting from abuse or failure to follow these cleaning and maintenance instructions.

Warranty & Repair

What is the warranty period for Charriol® jewelry?
All Charriol® jewelry is under warranty for two (2) years from the date of purchase, provided it was purchased from an authorized Charriol dealer. Proof of purchase required. The warranty covers each item from manufacturing defects only.

What will cause my warranty to be voided?
If the item has been serviced or modified by anyone other than an authorized Charriol® U.S.A. service center, the original warranty will be voided. Also, where the item has been damaged by accident, negligence, or other factors not due to defects in materials or workmanship (misuse, tampering, breakage, noticeable deformation) or failure to follow the maintenance instructions, the warranty will be voided.

Can my local jeweler repair my jewelry?
All work on Charriol® items should be performed by an authorized Charriol® U.S.A. to ensure integrity of the item and its optimum functioning. Where a customer elects to use another service center, it will automatically void any warranty and resulting damage will be the customer's responsibility.

How long do repairs usually take to complete?
Approximately 4-6 working weeks, depending on the extent of the repairs needed and availability of parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What process is used to achieve the color in the cable collections?
The cable in these collections has been subject to a special process which creates a very strong ionic mechanical bond with the cable. It is not coated or plated, will not tarnish or stain, and is hypoallergenic.

What is ALOR®?
ALOR® International Lt. is the parent company of Charriol® U.S.A. and is the exclusive licensee, creator, designer and manufacturer of all Charriol® 18K gold and cable jewelry. All jewelry product is sold under the ALOR® brand outside of North America and the Caribbean.

Can cable jewelry be sized?
No cable jewelry can be sized. When a customer requires to change the size of their existing jewelry piece, the entire cable must be replaced by an authorized Charriol® U.S.A. Service Center at a charge.