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Dermablend Custom Leg & Body Sample Set


Do you want to wear bare legs but are afraid to show them off? Dermablend's Leg and Body Sample Set is the perfect solution! This exclusive set features a five to six-shade sample of the beloved Dermablend Leg and Body Cover Makeup to help you find the perfect shade for you and a sample of their famous long-lasting setting powder! With this set, you can find your ideal shade without breaking the bank!

With each sample set purchase, receive a 10% off coupon for future Dermablend orders! It's an easy win-win for you, with gorgeous skin and money saved!


  • Dermablend has the look and feel of the skin's natural tone and texture to help provide perfect coverage
  • Water & Smudge Resistant
  • SPF 15
  • Long Lasting up to 16 hours
  • Recommended by Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons


"Blend in to Stand Out." For whatever amount coverage you need, from light to heavy, Dermablend offers superior expertise in camouflage cosmetics. Created by an American dermatologist, it has been the #1 dermatologist recommended corrective cosmetic brand since 1981. Dermablend aims to fuel confidence by flawlessly covering in the most noticeable insecurities. 

Dermablend Custom Leg & Body Sample Set Reviews

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Verified Buyer
Very pleased
By Becky from LHC AZ from on 11/28/2014
I was so happy with my experience. Very quick delivery, just as advertised. A nice company to deal with. The sample set is great. I was afraid to guess at a color. This lets me try the various colors and even to blend to come up with just the right blend. The samples are large enough to allow trying before buying the larger size.
Pros: - It does a good job of covering my bruises and blemishes. I have very thin skin and everything that I come into contact with causes bruises. My skin is also sun damaged. Cons: - It does not stay on as well as advertised, rubbing off on my clothes, etc. It would be very expensive to purchase, and I understand also needs a setting powder. Quite an investment!
Verified Buyer
Not for me.
By Ana from California from on 8/18/2014
I bought the fair set and it was way too light for my skin, so whatshebuys sent me the medium set for free. Thank you. But the medium set still doesn't match my skin, whatever I use just makes my skin look pinkish, I tried all the combinations too and it just doesn't cover my stretch marks and it looks very different from the rest of my skin.
It was a good way to try them all though.
Thank you.
Verified Buyer
By sindhu from chicago from on 6/29/2014
its excellent!!!!!
Verified Buyer
Expect to spend some time with this one....
By Jennifer from Fort Myers, FL from on 6/27/2014
I received the package on time and in good condition. I read the instructions, and I also searched for videos where this product had been used. The Dermablend website has several videos showing how to cover different things. I myself have some tattoos I want to cover for an upcoming wedding, so I used the leg & - body set. I must warn that the color on the screen and in the jars is much lighter than the final results. The colors I chose looked as if they would blend well with my skin tones, but all were way too dark by the time they dried. Thankfully, by testing them out here, I saved myself some major financial distress down the road had I purchased a few of these in full size (at full price!) and been unable to use them. Pros: - The coverage is pretty amazing. After one layer, my tattoo was not visible at all. It comes in a range of colors to blend with nearly any skin tone, and the colors can be mixed together if need be. The sample sizes were plenty enough to practice with and get a feel for. They arrived in good condition and in a reasonable amount of time. Cons: - This is a multi-step process...cleanse/exfoliate, moisturize, layer one, dry time, layer two, dry time....and then some. It's worthwhile considering the final result, but not something I would want to deal with every day. Also, the colors dry sooo much darker than what they appeared on the screen and in the jars.
Verified Buyer
Not the performance expected
By Sudds from Michigan from on 5/19/2014
I have a small dark red surgical scar I had hoped that this stuff would help cover. But this provided barely any coverage at all. I'm also fair and was not impressed with the undertones of the light samples I ordered. They were all too dark for me and looked really " - makeupy" - on my skin, not natural. They did not blend in well at all and were too pink/orange. Cons: - didn't offer the coverage described
color was not natural
Verified Buyer
Great product
By Lee from Portland, Oregon from on 5/2/2014
I never would have been able to guess which color to purchase.
I received 4 sample colors for pale skin- fair, natural, light and ivory. Only one provided a perfect match- ivory!
I purchased to cover broken capillaries around the ankle. Works perfectly and, by following instructions provided and using the enclosed setting powder, it stays in place.
Very pleased with this product Pros: - Multiple shades allows a perfect skin match
Covers discoloration from varicose veins and broken capillaries
Verified Buyer
Dermablend Custom Leg &amp - Body Sample Set
By DKF from Washinton from on 4/30/2014
There was a good range of shades within the Fair category. Pros: - There was enough in each container to fully evaluate the coverage Cons: - It isn't a dislike but it would be helpful to have included a tip as to blending is best with a finger or a cosmetic sponge.
Mainly additional tips are always welcome
Verified Buyer
Did not live up to it's claims
By Rita from Nevada from on 3/14/2014
I have a tattoo that I would like to cover up. I wanted to try the Dermablend sample before I paid full price and sure am glad I did. This product did not cover up my tattoo and the setting powder did not last, not even an hour. Cons: - The product did not live up to it's claims. Merchant Response:
Verified Buyer
Try shades so you don't waste your money!
By Debbie S. from Phila, PA from on 3/5/2014
This stuff is awesome. Low, low price to be able to sample a whole bunch of shades without paying full price only to find out you picked the wrong one. In my opinion this is completely worth it-and if none of the colors work, they'll send you a different group free! You can't do better than that. They give you plenty and some setting powder also. This is the best makeup you will ever buy and you get to test several shades so you don't spend full price on the wrong one. Worth every penny and it came fast! Pros: - Low price
Free shipping
They give you a good amount
Verified Buyer
Dermablend Custom Leg &amp - Body Sample Set
By Mary from Napa, CA from on 11/10/2013
It was nice to get the sample colors in order to match my skin tones. Pros: - Getting the color choices. Cons: - None was a true match to my skin
Verified Buyer
Sample set
By Marilyn from WA from on 10/28/2013
Sample set was what I expected. Good variety of colors to test out. Shipment arrived very quickly.
Verified Buyer
Love this product almost as much as I love this vendor
By Deri from Washington, DC from on 10/2/2013
I was looking for a product to cover a tattoo on my ankle for my daughter's wedding. I read great reviews about Derma Blend, but they all said the same thing. . . . . . . The key to using the product successfully is getting the right color for your skin and practicing putting it on. I was planning on making a special trip to a department store so that I could match the color to my skin tone. Then I discovered What She Buys. I was amazed to see that they offered this sample kit. It was fantastic. I was able to try four different colors and find the one that worked best for me. Thank you "WhatSheBuys.com"

The Derma Blend is a great product. It covered the ink very well, though it is a little difficult to work with. You just need to take your time with it and blend it in on the edges. Pros: - It did exactly what I needed it to do. Cons: - It takes a little practice to make the product work well.
Verified Buyer
It works!
By Shannon from Grand Ridge, Florida from on 8/29/2013
I needed this to cover an unsightly tattoo for my wedding on my left shoulder. The tattoo was an old, faded, jail house looking tat that just didn't look very good with my strapless wedding dress. I wasn't sure if I needed a " - light" - sample set or a medium one, since I'm so fair skinned over most of my body, but, my shoulders have had the most sun. I bought both. I soon learned that their sample selections for medium were perfect for my needs! And they included my perfect shade! I will say, for beginners like me, this product didn't hide my black tattoo entirely without gaining the SLIGHT appearance of makeup. As I will wear it on my wedding day, you can still see a tiny bit of shadow where the tattoo is darkest on my skin...but only if you are examining my shoulder up close under certain lighting conditions. With more layers of application, I could completely cover the tattoo but, then, I'd be a little concerned that it would be obvious I was wearing some makeup on my shoulder. Still, it worked FAR better than any other product I've tried and blended into my effortlessly and smoothly for a very natural looking appearance, even when I tried to layer it on rather heavily. Furthermore, a little goes a long way!!! Pros: - A little goes a long a long way
Easily hides most tattoos
Blends into skin tones with a natural look
Great color selections
Perfect price for those who have yet to find their perfect shade
Cons: - I've next to no complaints

I do wish they'd offer a little more, but, it is enough for a handful of applications on my palm size black tattoo.

I'm not even sure it is possible to get a more natural look and still completely cover my black tattoo, but, I think the company should continue to try to better their already great products for those of us that have this problem.
Verified Buyer
Derma Blend Leg &amp - Body Sample Set
By Shonnette from Atlanta, Georgia from on 8/13/2013
Great product. Let me try the different shades and found what worked best for me! Pros: - The multiple shades made it easier to tell what worked best. Cons: - I loved everything!
Verified Buyer
body and leg makeup
By judy from CO from on 8/9/2013
The makeup does give an even look and it does not rub off. I have vericose veins
although I've seen worse. The makeup and powder make them look a little less noticable, but really do not cover. Maybe that is too much to ask and I am undecided whether to order the makeup again.
Verified Buyer
By Sher from Phila Pa from on 7/7/2013
I had no idea what color to get so it is really neat that I can choose from so many colors. I mainly want to use it for bruising which happens to me frequently. It works amazing! It is very easy to apply and since I swim, the powder really helped to keep it from disappearing. Pros: - Easy to apply Many colors to choose from esp with the samples to help pick Powder must be used for staying power but it works
Verified Buyer
By deena from pittsburgh, pa. from on 7/4/2013
great product for bruising and coverage of flaws!!! Pros: - very easy to use Cons: - not a thing
Verified Buyer
Little Miracles
By Samantha from Green Bay, WI from on 5/18/2013
Having 5 color choices and setting powder makes it simple to color match. Glad I ordered this because the color match is different from what I would have ordered by the color name. I use ivory or fair but in Dermablend my color was buff. Definitely order this sample set if you haven't color matched this product before. It was easy to apply to my legs and really is water resistant. Pros: - Choice of colors. Creamy consistency.
Water & - rub resistant.
Verified Buyer
Dermablend Sample Set
By Shelia from California from on 5/15/2013
I'm pleased with the samples, it appears to match my skin just right although I had to mix 2 shades together to get the result that I was going for. Pros: - I like that the product goes on smoothly. Cons: - There wasn't anything about the product that I disliked.
Verified Buyer
good products
By vette from Baltimore Maryland from on 4/29/2013
It's a good product to cover-up imperfections an tattoos. I would recommend using a primer as well to ensure full concealment Pros: - Good coverage. Cons: - It wasn't my shades
Verified Buyer
superb coverage
By Debby L from Florida from on 4/15/2013
this product does exactly what it says. It's staying power is incredible and you will need their remover. Soap and water do not take it off. I will buy more when I can afford it. I tried it on little to large problem areas and it is wonderful. Pros: - lasting power and coverage Cons: - the price and it can be 'drying' looking in the pores unless you blend well while it is moist
Verified Buyer
Dermablend samples
By Kimberly Larson from Appleton, MN from on 2/21/2013
Verified Buyer
By Lilly from Portland Or from on 11/29/2012
I have pretty bad strech marks and needed to cover them up. So i ordered the samples and they are amazing. The sizing is very generous and a little bit really does go a long way. There is NO WAY i would have been able to pick the right color without getting this!
LOVE!! Pros: - Great Coverage
Fast shipping
Verified Buyer
It's a really great concealer.
By Michelle Pagar from Atlantic City, New Jersey from on 11/6/2012
The shipping was very fast. I didn't expect it to come in so early. Overall, covering up on old scars was a success! It covers so well. The thing is I tried this concealer for my tattoo. It didn't cover up. It's probably because it's the wrong color. But overall, it covers scars well. Pros: - fast shipping
accurate colors
non smear Cons: - not my color
a little messy
Verified Buyer
Great sample set
By Lisa from Honolulu, Hawaii from on 10/14/2012
Order arrived quickly. Samples were generous and well worth buying to determine what full-size product to buy. Highly recommend.