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Dermablend Custom Cover Cream Sample Set


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If you are interested in Dermablend Cover Cream, we recommend ordering our exclusive Dermablend Custom Cover Cream Sample Set first. We do this as a service to customers so that you can get an introduction to Dermablend and select the right color in the convenience of your home. Plus, we have a Dermablend expert on staff at 877-WhatSheBuys (877-942-8743) to answer all your questions.


"Blend it to Stand Out." For whatever amount coverage you need, from light to heavy, Dermablend offers superior expertise in camouflage cosmetics. Created by an American dermatologist, it has been the #1 dermatologist recommended corrective cosmetic brand since 1981. Dermablend aims to fuel confidence by flawlessly covering in the most noticeable insecurities. 


Dermablend samples...
By Olitta from on 7/22/2015
I LOVED the samples and was able to find the perfect shade!! Also, for those that cannot order online for whatever reason ULTA carries dermablend cosmetics in their stores and they do provide a sample. Cheers
Great shipping.
By Leona from Oklahoma. from on 2/14/2015
I received the product and it helped me to make a choice with the product as to which color I needed. Thank you for the fast shipping and the exact product I ordered .
By Amy from Georgia. from on 10/1/2014
I love this product! Kudos to this marvelous concept of allowing the convenient testing of colors/shades at such a minimal cost. Thank you.
Dermablend Cover Creme Samples.
By Shannon from Maryland. from on 7/5/2014
Before discovering your site, I had to rely on the makeup artists in department stores to provide the correct shade of makeup. I spent 35 dollars on the wrong dermablend shade because the person at the makeup counter was unfamiliar with this product and gave me a default color instead of properly matching my skin tone. Thank goodness for your samples. I was able to try different shades in the light and find the correct color for my skin tone. I am so grateful and will purchase from your site again and again.
By Amanda from Maryland. from on 7/3/2014
I love that this is the only place I could find a sample size with different colors before buying a expensive makeup! I didn't care for the dermablend, so they saved me a lot of money. I was expecting it to be some miracle makeup as I have heavy scaring acne ect . It just was thick foundation, I found it drying and it didn't go in very smoothly. It really didn't look better then my drugstore makeup. My skin is dry and I put on lots of moisturizer as recommend on some videos I watched. It still stuck in all the dry spots and didn't look that great. For all the hype I expected it to be better. Oh well.
Great way to figure out what color works best.
By Tracy from NYC. from on 5/28/2014
I think this kit is genius. I narrowed it down to the two that were closest to my skin and gave the others to a friend who has more yellow tone in her skin.
Dermablend cover cream.
By Mary Cantrell from Clovis,CA. from on 4/17/2014
Excellent coverage just a bit too light. new sample set ordered, excellent customer service.
Worth the small price to try several shades first.
By Debbie S. from Phila, PA from on 3/5/2014
Best makeup I have ever used, and how great to be able to try several shades before picking what you buy at full price. The shade that worked for me was not what I ever would have guessed from the name. And if you choose the wrong group of shades (fair, medium or dark) they will send you a different set for FREE! You can't do better than that. This makeup will cover whatever you need it to, isn't greasy, and stays all day, as long as you use setting powder over it. Will never use anything else again!
Derma blend Sample.
By Mrs. G from TX. from on 3/1/2014
Dermablend sample.
By Caitlin from from on 2/17/2014
Found the correct color-- great to have the samples before buying.
Sample Set Purchase.
By Lisa from Burlington, NJ. from on 1/10/2014
The make up is incredible and the sample set are great because it really helped me to pick the correct color that I needed to match my skin tone.
Great Idea.
By Sherry from Hawaii. from on 11/2/2013
When buying on line it s difficult to know what colors you need when it comes to foundation and make-up related products. This was a big help Thanks..
Dermablend custom cover.
By Victoria from Arizona. from on 8/30/2013
The sample let me find just the right color at home. I was able to test the color in different light and as a result I found the perfect shade for me and then ordered it. Very pleased I wear it everyday now and you can't even tell because the color matched so well. It also saved me from buying product that I couldn't use.
Dermablend Samples.
By Shannon &quot - Shae&quot - Raehn from USA.. from on 8/15/2013
As someone who always has a hard time finding concealers to match her skin tone, it was very helpful to find a site where I can buy Dermablend samples! These should definitely allow me to find my perfect shade without the heavy cost of trial and error! Also, my wedding is coming up and I need to conceal an old faded, black tattoo, without much previous experience. I really appreciate that someone out there was offering that type of concealer sample too!
Dermablend Custom Cover Cream Sample Set .
By Alice from Long Island, NY. from on 5/17/2013
I have been trying out the different samples and seeing which looks best. Sometimes one is better on the legs and another better on the arms. It takes patience and proper sampling. I haven't yet tested whether they are waterproof or not on me, but that's coming soon. The sample set is a GREAT idea, because then I know what really works on me and where!
By Lea Anne from Hoschton, GA. from on 3/25/2013
Received ample amounts of six colors. Found one that will work for what I need.
Nice set.
By Alex from on 2/20/2013
Good sample set of just what I needed.
Both of the sample products did work for me.
By Lamael from WV. from on 1/22/2013
It did work for me! . It did cover what it said it was going to. so please send me back.
Good product.
By Jama Stover from Buckhannon, West Virginia. from on 1/10/2013
I bought this for my sister who had taken a bad fall on the ice. She needed to cover the bruise on her face for a week or two. The sample sizes worked well providing coverage to a small area in various shade of fair.
Dermablend Samples.
By Beejur from Chariton, IA. from on 11/28/2012
I still don't exactly know the difference between the 2 types of cover up samples for faces. The one I got was Custom Cover cream. The level of coverage was not what I remembered. so I must have gotten the wrong one. I had to mix 2 colors to get it to match my light skin. It would help if there was a bit more product in the samples in case you have to mix to match & - have to try 3-4x's to get it like I did.
Dermablend Sample Set.
By P from Brighton, MI from on 11/6/2012
Loved the several color choices sent! Will buy the full size right away!!
Great way to try before you buy!
By Donna Reyes from Waco, Texas. from on 11/3/2012
I appreciated the ability to try before I bought...especially to get the color correct. However, one of the samples had barely enough for one application. Would get again though!
Definitely Worth The Price.
By Amy from Phoenix, Arizona. from on 10/20/2012
I am so glad I bought this sample set. I didn't want to spend $35 on a product I'd never tried before just to find out I didn't like it. I also didn't know which shade was right for me, so this set was perfect.
Very Useful.
By Anjali from Charlottesville, VA. from on 8/29/2012
Useful for trying the different colors in privacy of home.
Best way to try Dermablend.
By Pat from New York. from on 8/17/2012
It is nice to have the option to test different shades. You can try each and then decide on the best one without the hassles of sales people rushing you into a purchase at a store.
By Valerie from North Carolina. from on 8/1/2012
I was very please with the amount of sample in each container and the number of containers received.