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Dr. Vranjes Crystal Room Diffuser 100 ml


Surround yourself in a harmony of essences and transportive well-being with the scent of a Dr. Vranjes Room Diffuser. Offered in a virtual garden of distinct fragrances, have been developed by using ancient techniques that result in distinct flowery, fruity, marine, spicy and balsamic blends.


  • Size 100 ml or approximately 3.8 oz. (Fragrance reeds are included).


Dr. Paolo Vranjes, a renowned perfumer from Florence, Italy, created the idea of the home diffusion system using bamboo sticks. His collection features 27 signature scents ranging from sweet florals to savory vanillas and more! Each product is designed to capture and release these essences in the most functional and beautiful way possible. Thanks to Dr. Vranjes' advanced research in aromatherapy, the company offers harmonious blends of flowery, marine, spicy and balsamic tones.

Dr. Vranjes Crystal Room Diffuser 100 ml Reviews

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Verified Buyer
Beautiful decanter, lovely fragrance
By NYCChick from New York from on 9/30/2013
This brings back memories of my time in Florence at the Hotel Brunelleschi. The hotel had these huge fragrance diffusers throughout and the fragrance was just lovely. Pros: - Hard to find item made easy to purchase Cons: - very pricey
Verified Buyer
Finally gave in and bought one
By louise from , from on 2/19/2013
I've always doubted room diffusers and have always used candles, but after reading only positive reviews on this Dr. Vranjes diffuser, I bought one and I love it! I am planning on buying several for my mother-in-law who loves new scents.
Verified Buyer
By Pam from San Diego, California from on 12/25/2012
I absolutely love the fragrances that Dr Vranjes concocted. They are very special and beautiful. Even my daughter appreciates the fragrances, and she is not one to like perfumes. I put the Magnolia Orchid diffuser in my daughter's room where her dog also happens to spend a lot of time and, needless to say, the dog produces a rank odor. Happily the diffuser obliterated the dog smell (not only in her room, but the whole house as well). Her room smells lovely! It has been a couple of months, and the diffuser is running low, of the samples she finally decided upon the Arancio Canella to try next. I have been enjoying the Terra in my room--precious and my favorite scent so far. Pros: - Everything! Cons: - A bit pricey, but worth it.
I wish it would last longer.
Verified Buyer
Too subtle
By Irene from New York from on 5/30/2012
Placed the Green Flowers scent in a tiny bathroom, but doesn't seem to be doing much for the space.
Perhaps another scent would have more presence.
Verified Buyer
Absolutly Wonderful!
By Betty Lou from Northern Michigan from on 12/13/2011
Bought this after reading the other review and I am totally sold! This particular diffuser - I bought the fragrance called Terra - is mellow, earthy, soothing, lovely. It is placed in a large room and every time I go into or near the room I get an unexpected hint of it. It's not overpowering by any means, just right. Yes, this product is pricey but I will watch for specials/sales to surely buy again. Pros: - Lasting, strong, not overpowering scent. Cons: - Nothing!
Verified Buyer
Quite Lovely
By Mary from Richmond, KY from on 12/11/2011
The fragrance is lovely.
Verified Buyer
By Joanna F. from Santa Maria, California from on 7/14/2011
I love all Dr. Vranjes fragrances! The nice smell fills the room and doesn't diminish in time. I tried other diffusers and in about a week I guess I get used to the smell and don't even notice it but Dr. Vranjes is wonderful and strong enough every day till the last drop evaporates. They also last long too which is great considering they are not cheap. Worth every penny, highly recommend it. Pros: - classy, delicate fragrance, lasts a long time, keeps smelling strong throughout. Cons: - cost